100th Postiversary – List of Things I’ve Learned


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Meowee furiends, today is my 100th postiverary. According to WordPress.com, I’ve written 100 blog posts that have received over 4,000 views from 1600 visitors in over 50 different countries! I even have 1700 plus followers. Am I famous? Well, not yet. Even if no one had visited and read my posts, I have learned a lot about writing, blogging, and photography since my first post just over a year ago, back on July 10, 2014. If you’re looking for my first year blogiversary post, there isn’t one. My human forgot the date. It’s so hard to get good help nowadays. At least she didn’t forget my birthday back in February.

To commemorate this centennial milestone day I thought I’d make a list of 100 things I’ve learned thus far along with, surprise surprise, a selfie of meow….(after all it’s Selfie Sunday today):

  1. Writing everyday is a challenge.
  2. Writing and scheduling a weeks worth of posts ahead of time is much more efficient.
  3. I love the scheduler feature but don’t use it often enough.
  4. There is a theme for everyday of the week.
  5. I love Wordless Wednesdays…say no more.
  6. I also love Selfie Sundays.
  7. Take Selfies
  8. Sometimes the photos you choose dictates the post.
  9. Sometimes the post dictates the photos you use.
  10. Taking photos everyday is easy.
  11. It’s easy to fill up the camera card.
  12. Photo editing apps are a dime a dozen.
  13. Don’t tell anyone you “photoshop” your images.
  14. Tell them that you process them in the “digital darkroom”.
  15. Blogging is about community.
  16. Take part in a blogging event like a blog hop
  17. Blog hops are a lot like boat hopping, only not as slippery.
  18. Build relationships with other bloggers.
  19. Getting likes and comments is addictive.
  20. If you get a like, give a like.
  21. If you get a comment, give a comment.
  22. Make your comments insightful.
  23. I am following 38 blogs so far that I like.
  24. It’s almost a full time job liking and commenting on other blogs.
  25. I’ve lost count of all the cat blogs I’ve found so far.
  26. There is such a thing as Cat Scouts.
  27. There is such a thing as flat cats.
  28. I’m not the only boat cat.
  29. Never compare yourself to others in a better or worse context.
  30. Find your own style of writing.
  31. Hone your voice.
  32. I have a voice.
  33. Enter photo and writing challenges.
  34. Challenge yourself.
  35. Create your own challenge or blog hop for others to join in.
  36. Enjoy what you are writing about.
  37. Believe in yourself.
  38. Write something different than you normally do to spur creativity.
  39. Read books by respected writers.
  40. Get inspiration from the works of others
  41. Don’t just copy the works of others.
  42. Give credit when you do, and a link if possible.
  43. Know how to spell.
  44. Spell-check on its own is not enough. Read your post out loud, slowly.
  45. Know your grammar.
  46. Use punctuation.
  47. Know your literary devices such as  “juxtaposition”.
  48. Whenever I see misuse of the words “two”, “to” and “too”, I just want to hiss,
  49. Including “where” and “were”,
  50. And “your” and “you’re” too.
  51. Avoid using too many adverbs.
  52. I have about 60 adverbs in this post of about 1000 words.
  53. Humour is effective, but not everyone will get it.
  54. Ask for feedback from your family
  55. Pay attention to the composition of your photos.
  56. Learn what composition is in a photo.
  57. A leading line takes you to a point of interest in a photo,
  58. A path tends to lead you to a vanishing point.
  59. Always remind yourself why you write or take photos.
  60. Know your camera.
  61. A better camera won’t guarantee a better photo.
  62. Photography is best in the golden hours.
  63. Golden hours are sunrise and sunset.
  64. Display large photos in your posts.
  65. Dress up your posts by bolding and italicizing words and phrases.
  66. Simply using bullets and numbers make your content easier on the eyes.
  67. Ask yourself what you are trying to say with your photo.
  68. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  69. But it’s worth a thousand words in two hundred countries where you don’t speak the language.
  70. You don’t need to take a photo of everything.
  71. The more photos you take, the better you get.
  72. The more you write, the better you get.
  73. Take your camera with you everywhere.
  74. Digital cameras are the next best thing since sliced bread for taking more photos.
  75. Take at least 2 photos just in case one doesn’t turn out.
  76. Photograph your subject from every angle.
  77. Write your story from different points of view.
  78. Write a long story over a series of posts so readers will come back for more.
  79. Accept that not everyone will love your story,
  80. Or your photo.
  81. Save your drafts often.
  82. You can make a backup copy of your blog site, and you should.
  83. It’s entirely acceptable to link to your own work, or previous posts, especially if they are relevant.
  84. Comment moderation is very effective in addressing unwanted comments and spam.
  85. Spammers get more creative everyday.
  86. Post regularly, but don’t post if you have nothing worth posting about.
  87. If you get writers block, try a prompter such as WordPress’s Daily Prompt.
  88. The best ideas to write about always seem to occur right before bedtime.
  89. The finished post always seems to occur well after bedtime.
  90. Blog with a purpose and build your brand.
  91. Shockingly, the whole world is not on WordPress.com.
  92. The statistics on WordPress.com are not the whole picture of your traffic.
  93. Visitors are your traffic.
  94. Your posts will never be seen unless you promote them.
  95. I kissed a tweetie bird, and I liked it!
  96. Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter are important for traffic growth.
  97. I need to learn more about how to make better use of them.
  98. It’s hard to write a list of 100 anything.
  99. If you paw the publish button by mistake, there is no un-publish button.
  100. Feel the fear and do it anyways.

Phew, that shore is a lot, and I’m shore there is more but we’ll save those for another list…maybe for my 1,000th postiversary. I ‘d love to hear what you’ve learned if it’s not on this list. Thank you to everyone for visiting, commenting and following my blog and I shall endeavor to keep it up.


Writing 101, Day 2: Today, let’s write a list. Compiling a list is a way to let loose, unlock ideas, and free your mind.

18 thoughts on “100th Postiversary – List of Things I’ve Learned

  1. Purrsea, first of all concatulations on your 100th Postiversary…….a big day indeed. Secondly WOWZERS on that list of 100 things! I would be hard-pressed to do that but you really put together a fabulous list. Keep it up my friend…………we enjoy your blog a lot!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Concatulations on your postversary Purrsea- what an amazing accomplishment to achieve in only a little over a year! As for your list of 100 things learned, I don’t know how you came up with so many– I would have a difficult time listing 10 let alone 100. You are very detailed oriented although this does not surprise me given your high intelligence and work as a boat cat. I imagine as Captain there is great responsibility to maintain control of your boating staff for the overall safety of the crew and boat itself. Clove and Kaspars figure frequent naps and feedings of fish, lobster, crab, etc. are needed by to maintain the energy and nourishment required to oversee such an operation for just one mancat/Captain. They find it hard enough to be in charge of humans, let alone ones on a boat that needs direction, maintenance, AND still doing the most important job of all: meeting your purrsonal feline needs! HOW do you find the time to do all this without interrupting your own feline needs?!
    ‘MEW ROCK!’
    -Clove, Kaspars, & Mom

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  3. This is a wonderful list! I got some WordPress points of etiquette in there, like your 20 and 21! I’m a new blogger, and I have to say, although comments are appreciated, it can be tiring replying well to them! But I will try my best. 🙂
    Also, I HAVE hit the Publish button by mistake, and in those seconds of panic, found out how to make the post a draft again! Haha. Thank you very much, I appreciate this list.

    Liked by 1 person

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