Sweltering At Salt Spring Island

crossing straitThisĀ  last week of June the humans felt the need to go on a boating vacation now that they’ve had their shots and the travel restriction are lifting, so away we went over to the Gulf Islands. We knew there was going to be this weather phenomenon called a heat dome, but figured the best place to keep cool would be on the water. However, it’s just plain hot. Record breaking hot! Not a good time to be covered in a thick fur coat I tell you!

The crossing of the strait from the mainland can be rather bumpy, but luckily our crossing was just so flat calm that I didn’t have to worry about getting my sea legs. Our boat Minstrel purred easily along at about 8 knots and it took us about 6 hours to get to our destination. We even saw a few dolphins along the way.

gangesmarinaSo we are here on Salt Spring Island at Ganges Marina. We hadn’t been here before. The climate of the Gulf Islands is more Mediterranean like which makes them very popular. The island is big on tourism and the locals are very furiendly. We have some cousins who live here and since we came without any of our Port Moody Squadron boater furiends, it was a purrfect opportunity to have a good long visit them. The humans went to their house for dinner the first evening, and they came to have dinner on the boat with us the next.

The nights aren’t cooling down as usual either and last night the humans took me out for a dinghy ride to see if that would help. I hadn’t been out in the dinghy for a while and at first I wasn’t too comfortable about the idea. However, after a slow and gentle ride, I chilled out and seemed to enjoy it. The humans forgot my life jacket at home but it doesn’t really fit anyways. As long as they wear theirs!


Hope it’s nice and cool where you are and that all is well. Paw paw for now =^,,^=