Happy Halloween, Twenty Fifteen


Halloween Boat Cat
Presence felt on a Ghost Ship
Has Risen Again


This photo was of me sitting on top of the settee cushion at window level on our boat Minstrel as we were leaving our marina, but the background scene in the window was of an ugly oil refinery, so we were very pleased with how a little cropping and a couple of photo effect apps totally blotted that aspect out. First we uploaded the iphone photo into PHO.TO and selected the Realistic Photomontage-> Catoptromancy effect. It needed a bit of a frame finish so then we uploaded it Pixlr.com and applied the Wave effect and Tiny Frame.

And I couldn’t resist a quick Halloween Haiku to go with it. Happy Halloween 2015!!

A shout out in honour of Penelope, The Cat From Hell who designed this pumpkin for me last year!
Thanks again Nellie!


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My Picasso Face


What is a face, really?
More like a tribal mask
colors, lines, patterns and shapes
angular, off balance and distorted.
The face of the new art,
combine several points of view
and overlap them
small, tilted planes,
set in a shallow space.
Geometric such as a
square, circle, or triangle
cut up and glued back together
asymmetrical balance by contrast.
Repetition of a pattern,
a pattern of repetition
freehand drawn off center
everything where it belongs,
there is no abstract art.
We all know that art is not truth
art is a lie that makes us realize truth.
Others have seen what is and asked why,
I do not seek
I find
an imaginative, creative essence of something.
Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot,
others transform a yellow spot into the sun
warm, cool, intense
and it’s always in your face.


My human always comments that my face is like a Picasso face, so what’s a more appropriate subject for this found poem of some quotes by Pablo Picasso mixed with some instructions she found on how to draw your own Picasso face.

Poetry 101 Day 6: Before we learn how to read words, we learn, intuitively, to read faces. In today’s poem, take a single face or a multitude of them as your point of departure. It doesn’t even have to be a real-life, flesh-and-blood face you’re writing about. A found poem is composed of words and letters you’ve collected — randomly or not — from other sources, whether printed, handwritten, or digital, and then (re)arranged into something meaningful. Today’s device: chiasmus. At its simplest, a chiasmus is essentially a reversal, an inverted crossing. Chiasmus is effective in poems because it’s a form of repetition — and by now we all now how crucial repetition is for  poetry.

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Caturday Art – Cartoon Meow

cartoon purrsea

Meowee, is that meow?! I really like this new cartoon look. When human mom took this photo on her iPhone 5, I was affectionately brushing up against human dad’s legs because he was peeling some prawns and I was hoping to get some. She then edited it with the Photo Lab app and applied the Fancy Filter: Cartoon effect, and cropped it.  I think we’ll experiment with this one, or something similar, a bit more. A cartoon comic strip in my future? That could be fun.


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Caturday Art: To Cat a Mystery

Photography 101 Day 10 Show something uncertain, and manipulate light around you to enhance the mood of your image. To stretch yourself, manipulate the light available to you to create a particular effect — use it to cast shadows and highlights to create a moody image.

Painting with light. Dusk – the golden hour –  finally arrived and mom had us out on the deck . She tried a several shots, but it wasn’t until she turned to go back into the house that she spotted my shadow on the stucco wall. I decided I would sit still long enough for her to get her fill. She took a few with her iPhone too, but they look just like these. Can you spot the flaw(s)?



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Caturday Art: Guest Artist Interview


Hand drawn and painted version of photo of me in Painter 2015 by Lorraine Yigit.

Introducing Lorraine Yigit, artist. Lorraine is my human’s good friend, neighbor from across the street, and fellow PMPSS member.  Lorraine, so kindly created this painting of me as a kitten on her computer, based on the photo below.

Meowee… Thank you Lorraine! You are a  super pawsome artist, and welcome!!

How long have you been painting?

I have been painting for approx 10 years but not too seriously until about 3 years ago. I am mostly self taught especially on the electronic program.

What software & hardware do you use?

I use a professional art program called Painter 2015 by Corel, and a special drawing pen and tablet by Intuos.  I use the electronic program regularly to problem solve paintings that I paint. I love this program. The finished result can be printed digitally from JPEG but in Painter I can print it from high resolution to achieve a full quality painting.

What type of paintings have you done?

My real paintings involve oil, water, pastel and acrylics and also digital. In Painter I used artist pastels, oil brushes and blenders to achieve the painting itself.

Is this real art? 

There are people out there that photoshop pictures to make them look like paintings.  This is not what I do.  I draw the picture from the photo using the Intuos drawing pen, and then paint it. Electronics allow you the luxury of undoing what you don’t like and is the biggest difference between that and real time art with a canvas and paintbrush in your hand, otherwise this program is the same thing.

Some people don’t look at this as real art and there is a lot of debate about it right now.

Can readers see any of your other paintings online?

I have my new website (www.lorraineyigit.com) to showcase my work. Your readers are most welcome to visit and I hope they like what they see.

Thank you Lorraine for talking to us today. =^,,^=

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Caturday Art: Screened Skull for Halloween


Screened Skull for Halloween

Itty bitty little kitty,

Halloween is in the city,

Leering skulls roam down your street,

Door to door they trick or treat,

Stay inside behind a screen,

Safe from ghosts and goblins mean.

Itty bitty little kitty,

Halloween is in the city.


Getting into the spirit of Halloween with another Octelle poem to go with the image! We used the online photo effects website Pixlr and applied the “Jean” effect, “Screened” overlay, and “Skull” frame.

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