About Me-ow

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My biological mom and sisfurs

My biological mom and sisfurs

Meow! I am a male Birman mix cat. Birmans were once known as the sacred temple cats of Burma. I was born Feb 24, 2013 and that makes me a Pisces (the fish). My biological mom was a pure pred Birman who got together with the local alley cat of unknown pedigre (sounds like the Aristocats love story!). I was found advertised in the local newspaper and my human dad was not impressed with my nursery when they came to get me, which was in a small seedy apartment shared by my 2 sisters and a family of dogs who just had pups. Clearly a kitten and puppy mill situation.

Since I’m a boat cat, I was named after the greek hero Perseus who slew Medusa and killed the Kracken, plus he had the words that sounded like purr and sea so it seemed fitting. It’s pronounced like the name Percy for short. Our boating playground is the Pacific West Coast of Canada, and we plan to chronicle our visits to the many beautiful and remote bays and marinas within it. Lot’s of history and geocaches to explore.

We are members of the Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron, within the Pacific Mainland District of the Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons. Our mission is  to increase awareness and knowledge of safe boating by educating and training members and the general public, by fostering fellowship among members, and by establishing partnerships and alliances with organizations and agencies interested in boating. My human mom is the Editor of our squadron’s newsletter called “The Quarterdeck”, and Communications Officer. She is also the Editor of our district’s newsletter called “PropWash” which is published periodically in the Pacific Yachting magazine. Even though we have a military sounding name, it couldn’t be farther from it.

You don’t often see cats doing tricks, but we can and I do. My human mom is continuing to teach me more tricks and videoing my progress…she’s learning new video creating tricks too.

I hope you enjoy my blog and paw paw for now! =^,,^=

24 thoughts on “About Me-ow

  1. Hello Purrsea! I’m smiling to myself as I’m typing this. I’m following a blog of a cat! Well, I daydream of having a Birman cat too, so, there you go. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

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