Slo-Mo Monday – Catcation Recap

Happy Monday furiends. We are home now, my catcation is over. It’s currently quite a bit hotter on land than on the ocean and I’m thinking I want to go back! We will go back but only on the weekends now. The humans are hoping the nice weather will continue, but this weekend looks like rain. It rains here a lot. Good thing we have lots of sunny photos of me to look at.

One thing my human mom hasn’t done much of is taking photos of me in slow motion. One of my Instagram furiends, Peanut from “ImABoatCat” has been purractising high jump for the catolympics and her slo-mo video shows her in good form. I meowed that I wanted to see what I looked like in slow motion too. My human needs more purractise of being ready to take Slo-Mo videos of me when I am, but she did get a couple of starters.

The humans had a two week cruise guide set out by the Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron Cruisemaster, and so far, as I’ve posted in the first week, we went to:

  • Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast,
  • Prideaux Haven in Desolation Sound,
  • Squirrel Cove & Cortes Bay on Cortes Island and
  • Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

The second week we left the group and were out on our own which meant we didn’t go to Gorge Harbour, Rebecca Spit, Tribune Bay, or Gibsons Marina. Instead we went back to Prideaux Haven, Pender Harbour, and lastly Bedwell Bay which is an hour away from home.

All the furesh fish and purrawns are store away and I have to understand that my diet will no longer include them, at least for the next couple of months. More on the results of my cat doctor visit coming soon. Don’t worry it’s not that bad, I hope.

Paw paw for now =^,,^=


3 thoughts on “Slo-Mo Monday – Catcation Recap

  1. I would protest the complete elimination of prawns and fish from your diet. I understand the vet thinks it is needed, but do they not understand how bad the effects of withdrawal can be on the feline system?! We need at least one freeze dried treat a day for our instinctual needs alone. If you need help with demanding your civil rights, let me know. I am well known in my home for not only demanding, but literally taking what’s rightfully mine.
    I hope you do not have to go on too extreme of a diet and can still get away on the boat on weekends despite this crazy virus.

    Pearl 🐾

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  2. Appurreciate the support Pearl, you give me strength! No worries becuz the humans are weak and continue to break the diet rules daily with their table scraps. Me staring at them while they eat may have something to do with it….MOL. =^,,^=


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