Motion Monday – King of The World

Meoweeee, I’m the king of the world! I watched a  human do it in a movie once, and he was right! I love to sit on the anchor board, when we are going slow. Minstrel is not a fast boat for a power boat, with 9 knots being her normal cruising speed. I can always tell when we are coming into a marina or an anchorage when the roaring of Minstrel’s twin cat engines throttle down to a gentler purr. That’s my cue to leave my safe travel place down in the stateroom, and assume my vantage place on the bow as we glide in to tie up.

Are you wondering if I got many prawns yesterday? I shore did! 50 prawns and about that many shrimp. I may not be the king of the world, but I shore feel like one!


We are now heading to Grace Harbour to where Billy and the other humans went yesterday.

Paw Paw for now! =^,,^=

Sunday Selfie – At Sea

purrseaseaGood morning from sunny Garden Bay Marina in Pender Harbour. We are into the first weekend of our two week August cruise north up to a place called Desolation Sound, on the Pacific West Coast. There are 2 other boats with us this year, much less than in the past. Where is everyone? At least one of them has a little doggy furiend for me. Meet Billy, a Yorkie Brussels Griffon. Arrr, ever been to sea Billy?!billy

The humans have a cruise plan to guide them to our planned destinations, but as sailors would say, we might just go where the wind blows us. The weather forecast is hot, sunny & calm for the next few days, pawsome for boating.

I’m just waiting for the prawn traps to get pulled…how many will I get this time? Check back soon to find out!

Paw Paw for now =^,,^=

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