True Catfessions: Why I Write

IMG_3564Are you ready for this? I write because I think I can, and I like to. Nothing deeper than that. Sorry to disappoint. Mostly I write memoirs about places I go, things I do and furiends I meet. These are stories that I don’t have to try to make up, only try to make interesting with a twist succinct and a telling photo.

Writing a story, whether true or made up, is an art. My human has always had a propensity for the arts but hasn’t really mastered any. Just a dabbler. To balance out her left-brained vocation she needs a creative right-brained muse, and writing is her current one. “Wait I thought I was your muse!”  She assures me I am very amusing.

She’s also the editor of our squadron’s award winning newsletter called “The Quarterdeck” which she’s been responsible for publishing every 2 months for the past 5 years.  To be honest, on one hand she finds it becoming a bit of an effort now to describe recurring events in a new light each time. For example, every year the squadron officially participates in a shoreline cleanup. This year it was today.  Between now and the end of the month, she needs to write about it differently than she has the last five times. But on the other hand, she feels a great sense of satisfaction when she finds a new angle from which to spin it, thus adhering to the adage “there are no new stories, just new ways of telling old stories”.

For now, our writing goals are just to practice the art of story-telling by experimenting with different forms of writing and media. WordPress’s writing 101, photography 101 –  and I see there’s even a poetry 101 – lessons provide us with an ample playground in which to exercise our creative prose. Do I want to write the next great feline novel? Well, I must catfess, if by the grace of the catmos we’re ready to seize an opportunity to write one when it presents itself,  that would be totally pawsome. But don’t hold your breath.


Writing 101, Day 1: Today, tell us: why do you write? If you’d like to see how others have approached this, here are 23 inspiring quotes from famous authors. The I Write Because project is also worth a peek and is full of personal, honest submissions. Set a timer and free-write for 15 or 30 minutes without stopping. Begin your post with “I write because . . . ” or start it any other way you wish.

7 thoughts on “True Catfessions: Why I Write

  1. I’ve had a blog for several years and love sharing my sometimes boring/sometimes fun life with others. My Mom is a writer (or WAS a writer since she hasn’t written a book in a while)…..and enjoyed making up mystery stories with surprise endings that people would have fun reading…..come to think of it – I feel that way about my blog! I hope people have fun reading it! Good luck with the writing challenges Purrsea – to you AND your Mom!

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Percy it’s no surprise to me that you are your Mom’s muse, your amazing personality for a feline who travels by boat is quite rare. My own cats balk at being carried across the living room let alone travel by any vehicle- on land or water. Whatever the reason you personally write, we are grateful you do as we enjoy your adventures and thoughts on life. Your travels by boat are of course, pawesome yet we find your ones while walking on a leash and agility training fascinating too. You felines know how deep intelligence runs, but many humans do not realize it due to the prejudice of what they cannot see: a dog responds to a direction and thrives on praise and pleasing while a cat reacts totally different. Human’s arrogant belief of their superior intelligence often clouds their judgement of a situation due to their reliance on evaluating a subject soley by observation. There are a few of us who do not limit ourselves this way, and it is when kitties like you write and participate in videos we are able to have a glimpse in to the true intelligence, psyche of the feline and most importantly how you express it. We look forward to your future posts and your viewpoint about life, allowing us the privilege of knowing you and your species a bit more. I do understand however there is a limit to what you will ever share, as my own feline fur kids tell me their is a code amongst all cats not to share the deepest feline secrets with any other species. Oh how I wish I were a feline sometimes..!


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