Throwback Thursday – Mini me on a Christmas Tree

What a crazy year 2020 has been but it’s all in our hindsight now, right where it belongs thank goodness. I know there’s been a lot of confusion around the amount of time the humans have been home compared to, well, ever. At times I had to hide from all their attention. It could get a little overwhelming but I tried to tell them not to take it purrsonally. On the other paw, they had me meowing out loud with some of the jokes and memes they shared about how others have been experiencing it. I think we bonded more from that and was relieved to know we weren’t the only ones. It’s good to find the humour in life.

Remember in my last few posts during our summer boat cruise I had mentioned that I had to go on a special diet? Yes I am still on it and I’m happy to report my situation has improved. I’m a little embarrassed to meow about it but my number 2 litter box business had become consistently runny. A trip to my vet revealed that I “could have” irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or worse, pancreatitis, but the only way to know would be to get a cat scan. We don’t have pet insurance and that was going to be expensive, so the alternative was to change my food and see what happens. So now I’m eating a novel protein of duck and/or venison meat from specialty pet food stores. No more fancy feast fo meow, but I still get some prawns and crab now and then.

Also do you remember a post I made from a few years back about a painting of meow as a kitten? Well my human artist furiend Lorraine Yigit has done it again: my human commissioned her to put it on a 6″ ball. I am so happy to reveal my new Christmas tree ornament! It’s so good I’m going to get a second one of meow made for next year. Many of my furiends have one of themselves, and maybe you can get one too. What a great keepsake for the humans.

It’s getting closer to midnight now so that means it’s time for a catnap before the humans open their bubbly water and get noisy. I would like to wish you all a healthy & Happy Mew Year! Above all, remember to be safe, be calm, and be kind to each other.

Paw paw for now! =^,,^=

Motion Monday – On Seagull Watch

First it was geese, then ducks and a swan, and now I have to safeguard all our freshly caught seafood from these intelligent but pesky birds. They float idly around the boat for hours just waiting for an oppurrtunity to grab and go. Not on my watch they don’t.

One interesting fact my human told me was that “Seagulls can drink both fresh and salt water. Most animals are unable to do this, but seagulls have a special pair of glands right above their eyes which is specifically designed to flush the salt from their systems through openings in the bill.”

I had a checkup by a cat doctor 2 weeks ago and my blood work didn’t indicate a lack or abundance of salt in my system, so I guess I’m normal. However, I have been having a bit of a salt craving and discovered that anything around the anchor chain to be a tasty source. Upon further research by my ever curious human mom, it is actually safe for us kitties to routinely drink salt water since we can tolerate a higher salt intake than humans. While humans have to watch their salt intake, it appears that we don’t have to do the same. Our kidneys are able to excrete sodium at a much greater efficiency than humans.

Today we are in Campbell River visiting the human’s friends. Their house is actually riverfront with a dock and we are tied up to it.  After we pulled up over 200 prawns and left Cassel Falls in Teakearne Arm (the humans were right again about Teakearne Arm) we headed west to Cortes Bay which is a bit south of Squirrel Cove. There human’s friends showed up in their fishing boat to take them fishing. It was a little bouncy out in the wide open water so I volunteered to stay and take care of Minstrel until they came back. Yesterday the humans fished their way across the strait while waiting for the tide to be high enough to get up the river. Again the humans have gone fishing and the wind is still really gusty so this time both me and my human mom volunteered to stay on Minstrel.

Next post I will have some fishy tails to tells you. Paw paw for now! =^,,^=

Motion Monday – King of The World

Meoweeee, I’m the king of the world! I watched a  human do it in a movie once, and he was right! I love to sit on the anchor board, when we are going slow. Minstrel is not a fast boat for a power boat, with 9 knots being her normal cruising speed. I can always tell when we are coming into a marina or an anchorage when the roaring of Minstrel’s twin cat engines throttle down to a gentler purr. That’s my cue to leave my safe travel place down in the stateroom, and assume my vantage place on the bow as we glide in to tie up.

Are you wondering if I got many prawns yesterday? I shore did! 50 prawns and about that many shrimp. I may not be the king of the world, but I shore feel like one!


We are now heading to Grace Harbour to where Billy and the other humans went yesterday.

Paw Paw for now! =^,,^=

Sunday Selfie – At Sea

purrseaseaGood morning from sunny Garden Bay Marina in Pender Harbour. We are into the first weekend of our two week August cruise north up to a place called Desolation Sound, on the Pacific West Coast. There are 2 other boats with us this year, much less than in the past. Where is everyone? At least one of them has a little doggy furiend for me. Meet Billy, a Yorkie Brussels Griffon. Arrr, ever been to sea Billy?!billy

The humans have a cruise plan to guide them to our planned destinations, but as sailors would say, we might just go where the wind blows us. The weather forecast is hot, sunny & calm for the next few days, pawsome for boating.

I’m just waiting for the prawn traps to get pulled…how many will I get this time? Check back soon to find out!

Paw Paw for now =^,,^=

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Caching Out to Gorge Harbour

The destination of day 10 on our cruise was originally unplanned. My human dad is the cruise co-ordinator for this cruise which means he plans where and what the fleet goes and does, to a point. The humans can go wherever and do whatever they like, but generally the close knit fellowship likes to cruise together, and newer members like the safety of cruising with a group. My human had only pre-planned our first week, and then called a meeting of the humans (which is referred to as a “Skipper’s Meeting”) to drink some silly juice (Scotch) and suck on some smelly sticks (cigars) while they discuss where to go next. I got out a map and wanted to make sure they knew I had a few ideas of my own.

IMG_9878 (2)

Before we leave, My human mom decided we needed to come up with a squadron geocache in Melanie Cove and hide it. She hid it on the rock cliff behind our boats; pawesome view of our raftup from there. Minstrel is second from the left. She was a bit disappointed that we didn’t have a “first to find” token to put in it, but instead thought after we get home, she’d set out another geocache in Bedwell Bay, our favourite weekend anchorage. In that one, she’ll put a trackable and give it a mission to go to the Melanie Cove cache, and maybe even another squadron cache in Ontario. We’ll see. It may take a few years, or it may never get there. Claws crossed. We’ll be listing them on soon.


So the humans choose Gorge Harbour on Cortes Island. We had been there a couple of times before so I approved. But because we didn’t have the week planned, we didn’t make reservations at the marina, like a couple of the other vessels in our fleet did “just in case”, so unless there are any cancellations by the time we get there, we will be anchoring again. Maybe this time we’ll find the geocache that my human mom tried unsuccessfully to find the last time.  Paw paw for now.


Prawns, Music and Dinghies, Oh My

Good day furiends. My humans finally caught me some prawns. Meowee, they are just delish when they are so fresh and raw. Cooked ones are purrty good too. That’s how the humans eat them. I’m starting to learn that I can purrform my tricks without being asked and it’s working well to get treats.


Here in BC we have prawns called Spot Prawns because they have white spots on their shell. They are the largest of 7 commercial species of shrimp found in Canada’s west coast waters. According to SeaChoice (a watch dog organization concerned with the health of our fisheries and oceans), wild, trap-caught, B.C. spot prawns are a “Best Choice” option based on four sustainability criteria used for assessment:

1. Impacts on the species under assessment
2. Impacts on other species
3. Effectiveness of management
4. Habitat and ecosystem impacts

My humans use 4 baited  traps on long lines attached to buoys that are lowered about 400 feet into the water. Meowee, that’s a long ways down. Thank goodness they have an electric puller to bring them back up to the surface otherwise it would be really hard on their arms and they might not want to try prawn catching as often. That would be bad.

IMG_9819[1]This evening was the dinghy concert. An American country singer named Robin Landry, and her band the Chicksie Dixs, flew into Prideaux Haven and purrformed for a couple hours on the swim deck at the stern of a huge 80 foot boat called Pres du Soleil. A sea of dinghies all raft together behind the boat with all the humans eating, drinking and generally being silly. It’s getting bigger every year. Again I stayed behind and boat sat while all the humans left to go to it. It was the 5th annual concert, and my humans have attended 3 of them now. Two years ago it was the rain concert, last year the sun concert, and this year the smoke concert. What will next year’s be weather-wise I wonder.

If you like seafood and music, what kind do you like? Paw paw for now.



The Dragonfly Slayer


Now I remember what it was that I liked so much about Melanie Cove. As I mentioned in my last post, there were a few dragonflies buzzing around causing a big distraction for me. They are almost as big as a small bird here! Yes I know they are beneficial insects and feed on those annoying little mosquitoes that bite the humans and leave big itchy red bumps on their skin, but they are just too much fun to try and catch. And I caught one!



It was fun for a little while but then it stopped moving and didn’t want to play anymore. Eventually the humans took it away and I had to go find another one. I tried and I tried. Whenever the humans saw one fly by, there I was right behind it, up and over the decks of Minstrel or the boat rafted next to us,  trying not to let it out of my sight and fall overboard at the same time. I’m not sure, but I think the dragonflies were trying to get me to slip and land in the water. Wasn’t going to happen. Too bad dragonfly catching wasn’t on the Canada 150 Playlist. Neither is shake a paw, high five, and sit. Guess I’m not going to win a purrize.

This evening, the humans went out in Jester the dinghy and joined the other humans to perform what they call “dinghy ballet”. Once they get all side tied to each other, they cruise through the anchorage as one unit. Along the way, the dinghies on each end are responsible for executing a pirouette: a 360 degree turn with one dinghy in reverse and the other in forward. A little accompanying reggae music and refreshments completes the stage for more silly human tricks. I went with them 3 years ago, so I didn’t feel the need to go again. Plus the humans forgot to bring my life jacket.

I’ve had a very active day today and feel the need for a long nap. Let me know what keeps you active. Paw paw for now.



Motion Monday: Moving to Melanie Cove

Day 7 of our cruise was a travel day to one of our favourite anchorages in Desolation Sound: Melanie Cove. The two hour trip was about as smooth as my fur, and as the video shows, I spent a few moments on deck enjoying it before I headed inside for a quick and comfortable cat nap.


Meowee, the forest fires here in BC are very serious and as we got closer to our destination the sky was full of smoke, almost hiding the majestic mountains that surround us. It wasn’t affecting our breathing but it wasn’t quite as bright as it was.  I heard the humans mention that in some parts of the coast, visibility on the water was less than a mile, and back at home it’s even worse.


The humans have been talking a lot about a dinghy concert that’s happening tomorrow and many boats have  filled the anchorage which now resembles a parking lot. Luckily our favourite spot was empty and we easily rafted our 5 vessels there. Once again, out came the inflatable air bags and once again the humans took to the water for fun, and to keep cool. I really don’t understand it.


I have to go. I see a few dragonflies buzzing around and they are terribly distracting. Paw paw for now.


Geocaching in Grace Harbour


Meowee furiends, it’s Sunday Selfie again already. We haven’t had very good internet connection for the last week so apawlogies that I’m a bit behind in my posts.

Day 5 and 6 of our cruise in Grace Harbour was very relaxing. The humans all brought out their inflatable air bags of various sizes and shapes to float around and play on the water all day. Silly humans. They told me the water was a cool but very swim-able temperature of about 68 F in case I wanted to fall in again. Meow, Meow, very funny. What the humans didn’t think was so funny was that they forgot to bring their inflatable kayaks. Now they can’t check off “kayaking” on the Canada ParticipAction 150 Playlist. Kayaking is #82. I think that’s what is called reverse karma from when they laughed at me for falling in the water.


If you didn’t know, Canada turned 150 this year and put out a list of 150 activities as voted on by half a million Canadians. My human figured it included a lot of activities all the humans could do while on the cruise and for incentive, the human who manages to do the most number of activities on the list, will win a prize. Guess what, “Geocaching” is #39! She also has a prize for the human who finds the most geocaches.

oceantagz-doctor-fish-travel-tag-10534 OceanTagZ Doctor Fish-medium-280x280

On Day 6, my humans took a few of the other humans to teach them more about geocaching and find one in Grace Harbour called Grace Land. They had success, but she couldn’t remember exactly where it was and she took awhile getting re-acquainted with operating the Garmin GPS unit, so they almost gave up. However, it was found and everyone signed the log book which was the first entry in 2017, and then hid it back where they found it. I watched them across the bay, but my fish trackable was there to supervise. I think in a future post we need to give him a name.

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Boat Sitting


When the humans are off Minstrel and hanging out with their human friends, it befalls to me to look after her. I had a busy day. A boat tied up ahead of our bow on the dock that had a huge black Labrador type dog. He was not one of our members. Back and forth the dog went past Minstrel and I didn’t like the way he was looking at us. He acted like all tough and important like, so when he barked at me, I leaned as far as I could over the Minstrel’s rail with my fur all puffed out and hissed right back at him. As he moved along the dock the length of Minstrel, I was right there to make sure he kept moving. I think he got the message.


Day 4 of our cruise was about a 6 hour travel day. We left Garden Bay real early in the morning with 4 other vessels in our fleet and headed up to Desolation Sound…Meowee! Our weather forecast for the next 2 weeks show all sun balls and high temperatures, but the wind is always a concern to boaters.

The first hour was great. A gorgeous sun shiny day with a calm sea and fair winds but unfortunately that didn’t last. About a 3 foot chop developed once we got out further into the Strait, and we bounced about a fair bit, enough so that it got too uncomfortable for me to sleep through. My human, always on the alert for signs that I’m going to lose any of my innards scooped me up in a towel and took me outside. She sat in the deck chair where it was little less rocky and we stayed there for a couple hours and enjoyed the fresh air until it finally subsided enough where I could handle it better on my own.

We reached Grace Harbour about 1 pm in the afternoon and established the raftup for the others to join. My human went fishing tonight but came home empty-handed. I was still full from a treat of BBQ’d steak bites so I wasn’t too upset.  Better luck next time. Tomorrow my humans are going geocaching and my trackable fish will help find a few more for me.