Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This post is a double feature, maybe even a triple. A Lens and Pens photo challenge, and a Writing 101 exercise. Today is day one of WordPress’s Writing 101 20 day course, and we’re asked to free-write for 20 minutes, about anything. Since today is also black & white iPhoneography Monday, I decided to write about the photo I chose for that.

Meet Zed. Zed is a 7 year old chocolate lab owned by Lori & Lanny. Zed had a busy day playing at the beach all afternoon this weekend and tired himself right out. I wonder if he’s dreaming about running into the ocean after the many stick and rock thrown out there for him to retrieve.  Sleeping so peacefully and content on the shaded deck I don’t think he even noticed the iPhone in front of him taking his picture. The original color photo was then altered using an iPhone app called Snapseed. There are so many filters and special effects to play with that when you end up with something you really like, you’re not sure anymore which ones you actually applied if you ever wanted to recreate it again on purpose. Unfortunately if you undo anything, it undoes it all and you have to start over. What we do know for sure is the black & white filter was applied first. From there, we’re fairly sure we  used the “DRAMA” and “HDR SCAPE”  filters, but within each of those are several preset styles to choose from. Now would be a good time to get to know these two filters a little better.

DRAMA filter is about saturation and mimics the look of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. Saturation is similar to contrast however instead of increasing the separation between shadows and highlights, it increases the separation between colors so it’s not supposed to have any effect on B&W and gray, and very little on neutral colors, however, it did have some effect anyways. HDR SCAPE filter lightens up the shadows and at the same time pulls out detail in the highlights, giving the overall effect of an evenly-exposed dream-like image that is  full of texture and life. We may have applied and saved a filter, then applied it again but with a slightly different style. Finally we applied a frame to give it an all round finished look.

My 20 minutes are almost up, but as I re-read what I’ve written it’s strange how it only takes about two minutes to read. I have just enough time to give my writeup an all round finish too by saying that I like how these filters give Zed an artist luminance due to an exaggerated contrast. It is truly fitting for an image that is literally dream-like.  What do you think?

This photo challenge is put on by Lens and Pens by Sally where you can see other entries and even join in the fun yourself. =^,,^=

7 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

  1. This capture gives us a peek into Zed. He seems lovable and sweetly cuddly. The close up with his head on the wooden floor brings us further into this quiet and serene scene. The monochrome works well to focus even more on Zed and not the surroundings. Happy Photo Challenge.

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