Me Myselfie & I


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My first selfies. I don’t mind the camera in my face as long as the flash doesn’t go off which aside from blinding me, makes my eyes glow red and is not very attractive, so we’ll stick to well lit areas as much as possible. The first two are on the boat before and after the windows got the salt water washed off, and we used the Canon digital camera. The third one was taken inside at night with the iphone which is why it’s a bit grainy even facing a bright ceiling light, but these days there is probably a filter to make it look like this anyways, so we used it. Here’s looking at you kits!

This is a blog hop…Click here to see more selfies and join the fun…

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26 thoughts on “Me Myselfie & I

    • Thanks Shoko 🙂 Well I think it’s time you learned! 1) Get your post ready. 2) Go to the host blog and copy & paste the linking code into your post. 3) Publish your post. 4) Then copy the URL adderss of your post and go back over to the host blog and find where they something like “Enter your link here”. Those are the steps…let me know which step you get stuck on if any and I’ll help you further =^,,^=


  1. Love every single one of them. The iPhone one makes you look ethereal. We like that. Such gorgeous blue eyes. Thank you so much for joining us today and purrmoting our Hop.

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    • Mom believes I’m a Sealpoint Birman/cross alley cat..MOL. My real Birman mom is pictured on my “About meow” page, but dont’ know what my real dad was. Snowshoes are mixed with American Shorthair (which I doubt I am) and the white gene gives a more uniform inverted V facial pattern, whereas I am shorter haired than Birmans but longer than Snowshoes, and have this weird picasso looking facial pattern (flaw) which is like the white gene gone wild…mol.


  2. Yow Purrsea me seez yer Birman now…yer markingz are so u-neek dat me thott wrong….
    Yer Mum waz a reel beeutee n so are ya…me iz 1/2 Birman too…
    Mum tellz me how me iz a ‘sacred’ Birman all da time 😉 Iz nice to be called sumfing speshell…
    Iz lubly to meet another Birman here…
    Haz ya bizited Purrfect Kittiez? Tigerlino iz a Birman n he iz stunnin!!
    Nylablue x0

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  3. Another BC Cat!!! Wowzers mes is sure getting to knows a whole bunch of us! And yous lives on a boat! How cool is that!?! Me has been on the Ferry a lot of times and me has been in our 12 ft Lund but mes not been on a boat like yours!
    Pleased to meets a handsome mancat


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