Daily Prompt: Total Recast

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The Casting Couch

Meow Whaaaat!, I just received an email today from The Daily Post , (on behalf of MGM studios which was recently re-imaged by One Spoiled Cat) appointing me as the new casting director for a sequel to of one of my favourite movies “The Aristocats”. Imagine that, a simple little purrsea cat like me a casting director! I nearly choked on my meow mix. Actually there are two casting directors, one for the humans and one for the animals and I’m respawnsible for the latter.

One of the many jobs of a casting director is to pick who gets to play which role. I have so many talented furiends to choose from that it will be a difficult decision to make so what I need to do is hold a casting call. If you would like to be in the movie you will need to audition for one of the characters below:

  • Thomas O’Malley: One cool cat, Thomas is the streetwise, smooth-talking, hero. He meets Duchess and immediately begins to charms his way into her heart with his quick wit. His carefree catitude changes when faced with adversity and he’ll fiercely defends her and her three kittens who he’s come to love and care about.
  • Duchess: The devoted pet of an aristocrat, the ever ladylike mother with a proper french catitude is very elegant and beautiful.  She caringly grooms her three kittens Berlioz, Marie & Toulouse into becoming contributing members of society by enrolling them in the fine arts. A connoisseur of music, her friendly, kind and compassionate nature sings to the heart of alley cat Thomas O’Malley.
  • Toulouse: The oldest kitten with a bit of a rebel catitude is actually very easy going and laid back. Like his mother he is very friendly, kind and caring but would like the world to think he’s tough. His sense of humor shows his confidence in himself and he expresses it daily in his paintings.
  • Marie: The middle kitten, her endearing cuteness makes it hard to dislike her prissy catitude. She is kind and caring, yet sarcastic and a little fiesty from being somewhat spoiled. While she makes every effort to appear ladylike, she still enjoys a good romp with her two brothers, and her natural curiosity makes her somewhat accident prone.
  • Berlioz: A bit of a trouble maker, the timid and quiet nature of the youngest kitten belies a mischievous streak. His easily annoyed and hard to impress catitude likes to pick on his sister and forget his manners, but at the same time his innocent and wide-eyed look melts your heart. He loves his mama and playing the piano too.
  • Scat Cat: Wordless vocables and nonsense syllables is what this silly cat catitude is all about. Furiends with Thomas O’Mally, he doesn’t hesitate to help a furiend in need and asks for no reward in doing so. A true furiend indeed.
  • Alley cats Shogun, Peppo, Hit Cat and Billy Boss: These fun & musical cats really know how to party and are Scat Cat’s minions. They are ready to do battle and fight for good over evil.

Fun fact ( Missing Seqeuls): The Aristocats was originally a 1970 animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions. A sequel was planned but cancelled in 2006 due in part to the recent aquisition of Pixar and it’s projects. According to Tod Carter, a story development contributor and storyboard artist “The main idea for the young aristocats in this adventure was to add some mystery by pitting them against a jewel thief on the open seas aboard a luxury cruise ship. With Marie as the focus character, they had an idea of a love interest for her in the form of another cat, and while on the ship, the setting would fully show the turn-of-the-century beauty of different European locations, such as their homeland of France, Spain, England and Scotland. He described the overall feel of the film to be sort of a Murder On The Orient Express without the murder, with a good mix of comedy and mystery.”  

I love the boating angle and maybe with my help we can resurrect it again…that would be pawsome and I’m sure would make many fans happy. I’d be interested in hearing which character you’d like to be, and if not you, what cat you’d recommend to play the part instead.

Paw Paw for now =^,,^=

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Total Recast

  1. Was it Berlioz who did that “pfft, pfft, pfft” thing ? I got my boyfriend to watch the aristocats recently and he keeps mimicking Berlioz {or was it toulouse} that thing that he did. lol it’s so cute.

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