Daily Prompt: Total Recast

IMG_3009 (2)

The Casting Couch

Meow Whaaaat!, I just received an email today from The Daily Post , (on behalf of MGM studios which was recently re-imaged by One Spoiled Cat) appointing me as the new casting director for a sequel to of one of my favourite movies “The Aristocats”. Imagine that, a simple little purrsea cat like me a casting director! I nearly choked on my meow mix. Actually there are two casting directors, one for the humans and one for the animals and I’m respawnsible for the latter.

One of the many jobs of a casting director is to pick who gets to play which role. I have so many talented furiends to choose from that it will be a difficult decision to make so what I need to do is hold a casting call. If you would like to be in the movie you will need to audition for one of the characters below: Continue reading