Pirouettes in Prideaux Haven

IMG_0960Our favourite anchorage of all is Melanie Cove in Prideaux Haven. Mom likes to know a little of the historical significance of where we go. She found out that it’s not exactly known the significance of the name but it was presumably named by Captains Richards or Pender, when surveying these waters in 1860 and 1864, respectively. Prideaux is understood to be a mis-spelling of the French prie-dieux, literally “pray God”.  Alternatively, it could be the result of folk etymological assimilation from a habitational name first recorded in the 12th and 13th centuries in the form Pridias, perhaps from Cornish pry (clay) + an unknown word, to French près d’eaux ‘beside waters’ or pré d’eaux ‘meadow of waters’. We just think it’s heaven.

We rafted up with 11 other vessels in the cove in front of  a huge rock cliff that I watched many humans jump from into the warm pristine water. It was hot but I managed to stay cool and relaxed.   Mom wanted to find me another geocache, but the days passed very quickly which usually happens when you want them to pass slowly, and she didn’t get motivated in time. Too much fun in the sun. Dad managed to bring me more prawns and we believe the total tally so far is over 500. Meowee, prawns all winter long!

IMG_4323On our last night I finally got to wear my new life jacket and go for dinghy ride. Over the many years that our fellow Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron members have been coming here, we always perform what is called “dinghy ballet”. Everyone side ties their dinghies together and go for a little cruise amongst all the anchored vessels in the various nearby bays. Then with a little instructional shouting and jovial chaos from one side to the other, the whole line spins in place executing a pirouette. I found all the commotion of humans yelling and laughing,  and the ship horn blasts of delight,  a little unnerving, and a few times pretended I was a turtle and tucked my head inside the ill-fitting neckline of the life jacket.

IMG_4332Our homeward leg of the cruise starts early in the morning for a 6 hour cruise to Garden Bay Marina in Pender Harbour…land! Tonight I’ll get an early sleep and dream of prawns and fish.  Hope all your dreams come true too! =^,,^=



4 thoughts on “Pirouettes in Prideaux Haven

  1. What a serene spot.You look darling with the paw and tail dangle and in your life jacket. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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