Treated in Tenedo’s Bay


Meow my furiends. It’s been hot hot hot. We spent the last 3 days rafted up in beautiful Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park with it’s more than 60 km of shoreline, several islands, numerous small bays and snug coves. The warm waters of the park are ideal for swimming and scuba diving and the forested upland offers a shady refuge of trails, small lakes, and designated campsites. This park can be split up into three major destination anchorages: Prideaux Haven, Tenedo’s Bay and Grace Harbour.

While I kept cool in the stateroom for most of the day, my humans spent a lot of time swimming in both the refreshing 23c ocean and lake. Mom found me another geocache and dad put down the prawn traps and hauled up a decent catch of over 250 delicious spot prawns. Meowee, I was just drooling with anticipation of my share. Many of them got cooked up and distributed amongst the human’s friends for an afternoon treat.


In the evenings, I frequently took the humans to visit the 6 other boats in the raft-up, whether they wanted to or not; can’t have them sitting around doing nothing and I needed to walk off all those prawns. Cloe was rafted up next to us and we got much better acquainted.


Next we are all heading out to meetup with 4 other boats in fleet who are located in Prideaux Haven for the next 3 night stay. I was hoping we’d try fishing again, on the way but it’s all of about a 45 minute cruise at a fur-straight-back speed of 7 knots to get there. We are really pushing our internet connection and having trouble uploading pictures, so it may be longer between posts before we are back in better signal areas.

Hoping all your days are treat-filled too! =^,,^= IMG_4238

4 thoughts on “Treated in Tenedo’s Bay

  1. What a glorious, floofy tail you have. That last photo really shows it off to its best advantage. Those prawns have our mom’s moth watering. You are one lucky kitty. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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