Toy Birdies, Or Something Similer

Toy Birdies

Tugging on feathers with teeth clenched tight
Opening seams with razor like claws
Yearning to rip out it’s pheromone soaked stuffing.

Batting it all about like a soccer ball
Into the air, with a careless thought tossed,
Rolling, writhing like in a wrestling match’
Down to the floor it drops like a rock,
Inside my mouth, so soft, so chewy,
Eventually it will be more shredded than a bowl of wheat.
Soon I’ll be presented with a new one just like it.





Poetry 101 Day 2: We’re to write something about a Gift, in an Acrostic form using Similes. Guess what I got? It’s one of my favourite things, and there’s something like a gift inside it too. Human mom had recently learned about acrostics and had already written one using my name, but she didn’t use similies and it’s not really about a gift, so we’ll save it for a later post.