Looking for Sunshine in Squirrel Cove

IMG_2965This morning we woke up to gray skies and pouring rain. What a contrast from the sun baked days we’ve had for the past couple of months. Some rain is welcome but not when you’re on a boating holiday and your boat has a lot of outdoor deck space. I don’t normally go out much when I’m at the house so I don’t quite understand that rain is wet and something I’m not supposed to like. It doesn’t stop me from going out, but my fur shore gets frizzy and is much more maintenance than usual.

Human dad prepared the boat for departure and then went for a nap to wait for the rain to subside, and it did, but only until we started untying and bringing up the anchor of course, and then the flood gates let loose. Everyone got soaked in a matter of minutes. Soon though we were underway and heading out of the cove towards brighter and drier skies ahead.

IMG_2969IMG_2971We stopped in at Refuge Cove to get a few supplies and fuel. The sun was starting to peak through and the fuel dock looked like a great place to stretch my legs. A couple of time I jumped off board without too much fear when I thought they weren’t looking, but that only got me closed up in the cabin, especially when they went to the store. We weren’t here long and soon headed off to Squirrel Cove. By now the skies had cleared and it was a beautiful evening.

Tomorrow I get to go on a dinghy ride to the little islet we anchored near. I was on it 2 years ago as a kitten but we didn’t get to spend much time on it so human mom was hoping to bring me back one day, and here we are!