Photography 101 Day 16 Show us something (or someone) you cherish, and get up close. Get close to your subject — either use the zoom function in your camera, if it has one, or physically move closer to it.


Fish Travel Tag and TFTF SWAG Buttons

I can meow without a doubt that my humans cherish me more than anything. They even want to hang ornamental pictures of me on the Christmas tree this year. I have a few things I cherish too like my stuffed mouse and tweety bird, but mom got me into geocaching this summer and I really treasure my OceantagZ fish travel tag. Being born in late February makes me a Pisces, so the fish tag is a purrfect match for me.

What makes this fish tag so special is that it’s trackable. That means that all the places it’s been to can be marked on a map with a little icon called a waypoint. There is a website called that records the GPS coordinates of millions of hidden treasures around the world and each time mom finds me a geocache, she logs that my fish tag was there too. Mom could put my fish tag in any geocache and let other geocachers move it around the world, logging each location it get’s moved to…but she’s afraid of it getting lost. That happens sometimes. Instead it’s setup as a “collectible” and stays with her.

Mom started organizing geocaching treasure hunts for our members to play on our boat cruises this year.  You never know what treasure you will find in a geocache. Toys mostly: Match-box cars, lego bits, plastic animals, coupons, Kinder Surprise toys, feathers, bottle openers, key chains. Mom once found a band-aid which really came in handy because clumsy her got an owie and needed one. Some are too small to hold anything, but they always have a log book or sheet you can sign. If you find a trackable with a mission, you can take it out and move it to another geocache. If you’re lucky and are the first to find a new geocache, the owner may have put a “first to find” geocoin of some type in it. There are hundreds of different geocoins which are highly collectible, and trackable too. Some geocaches are part a series and when you find them all, you can send in a form to receive a custom geocoin reward.


Ocean Suncatcher Geocoin

One rule of etiquette is that if you take some treasure from a geocache, you must trade it with something of equal value. To help spread the word of safe boating, mom had some “Thanks For The Find” (TFTF) pin-back buttons made up with our PMPSS logo on them as starter SWAG for our members to trade. Mom had heard the term SWAG before but didn’t realize it was an acronym for “Stuff We All Get”. She’s now in love with designing her own pin-back buttons and is in the process of buying her own button making machine. At our next Change of Watch awards night, mom will award the member(s) who finds the most geocaches with a beautiful “Ocean Suncatcher” geocoin.

Of course where there is treasure, there is also trash. To help keep the trash out of the oceans and our beautiful parks, consciencious geocachers take it upon themselves to remove any trash they find while treasure hunting.  It’s an ongoing environmental initiative aptly named “Cache In, Trash Out” (CITO) that is supported by the worldwide geocaching community. Mom has a geocoin to award for that too.

What’s the best treasure you’ve ever found?




Finding a Geocache “Treasure Chest”


Geocaching on Caturday


Today was a good day to go geocaching. I didn’t actually get to go but my Oceantagz fish tag did. There were several geocaches hidden on Newcastle Island and my fish tag visited 2 of them, pictured below. My mom wants me to accompany them when they do land excursions, but my dad is a lot more conservative and doesn’t, but if dad wants a happy life, then he has to have a happy wife, so I will be going to shore at some point. Continue reading

GeoCatting Anyone?!


I just became trackable! “What’s that?” you meow my curious furiends. Well for starters, a couple of years ago my mom (Geo-Julee) discovered Geocaching, then last year she took an Electronic Charting course through the Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron … forward to today and guess what, Continue reading