Ode To A Sacred Temple Cat

temple catOf all the beautiful legends
so veiled in obscurity
Is that of the Birman cat
That well may be your ancestry.
Born from a history of strife
On the road to immortality
Your sacred story starts to unfold.
Tracing a twisted ladder of life
Along a map of inconclusivity
Until your trail runs cold.

Centuries ago in Northern Burma
Kittahs swore a life of piety
Ever rapt in contemplation
The sapphire gaze of a golden deity.
O reverent cats with earthly points
Body of white and eyes of yellow
A vessel of transmutation.
A kittah’s soul the goddess appoints
Til reborn by a rite of hallow
In Nirvana, a place of perfection.

By menace Lama Mun-Ha was stricken
In the Temple of Lao-Tsun
Guarding, his master Sinh embodied
To this end your miracle was begun.
The goddess Tsun-Kyan-Kse he faced
She turned his coat gold, mitts white, eyes blue
Seven days later Sinh died in grief.
O Wonder, all the cats came in haste
Their eyes, coats, and paws had changed too
And surrounded their next holy chief.

However did you get to France?
In nineteen twenty, two accounts were jotted
Of a pair shipped over the ocean
Their arduous journey was plotted.
The male Maldapour did not survive
But his mate Sita was with kitten
From there your family tree branches.
Into my life you did arrive
Right away I was smitten
Lucky victims of happenstances.


Poetry 101 Day 5: Maps tell stories  – whether you choose to write about an actual map, an imaginary one, or just about a particular route that means something special to you. Form: Odes – a laudatory poem celebrating a person, an object, a place etc. any poem celebrating the good qualities of people, objects, places, animals, and personal traits. Rhyming pattern typically ABABCDECDE. Device: Metaphors – A metaphor brings together two terms that aren’t normally connected, yet make sense once they are (its greek roots mean “to carry over”). Unlike its less subtle cousin, the simile, metaphors don’t need connectors like “as” and “like” to link the two things together. They just smash them into each other and hope for the best.

Daily Prompt: A True Saint