Kayaking Kitty, Almost


Helping with the prawns

Today was a good day. First, human dad took Jester our dinghy to pull up his prawn traps he had set out yesterday and we had success. Around 100 was the count, meowee! I helped as much as I could by sorting out the ones the humans would find too small for them…yum.


Islet with hidden geocache in Laura Cove, Prideaux Haven Marine Park, BC

Then human mom went off kayaking to find a geocache in the next cove over called Laura Cove. The geocache was called “Tarzan Loves Peanut Butter” probably because it was a peanut butter container and you could get a good view of the rope swing from the little islet it was located on.


Contents of Tarzen Loves Peanut Butter geocache

This one actually had a trackable travel bug in it, with a travel goal which was to get to the Oregon coast in the USA. That’s about a couple of weeks or more of travel days from here for us and since there are so many Americans visiting up here, mom thought if any of them found this cache, they would be better suited to move it on it’s journey. Mom didn’t find anything she thought I would like, but being a good Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron member, contributed one of her pinback buttons with the squadron logo and web site address on it.





On her paddles, mom also met some of my boating furiends. Ben the black lab cross, and Peaches. Peaches was a rescue dog and has worked very hard over the past couple of years to improve her behaviour when she’s around other humans and furiends. When I found out they were here, I wanted to go visit them too so I jumped into the nearest kayak. To my disappointment, mom couldn’t find my lifejacket and it was getting too late in the day to go out again.


Can someone please pass meow the paddle!

Tomorrow we are leaving the raft-up to head over to Squirrel Cove for a couple of days. Dad hasn’t had much luck fishing here yet so we will try over there. It’s about a 2 hour cruise with a stop at Refuge Cove to get a few supplies and fresh water, and fuel for Minstrel and Jester. =^,,^=

Peaceful in Prideaux Haven


Leaving Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, BC


Arriving in Prideaux Haven, Desolation Sound, BC

Off we went further north to Prideaux Haven, in Desolation Sound, about a 7 hour cruise. I managed much better this time but mostly slept through it, staying inside out of the heat and brightness of the blazing sun ball. The seas were a bit rough but not as bad as the first day.

We rafted up with 6 other vessels in a anchorage named Melanie Cove. I was surprised to find out that there was another kitty on the motor vessel named Saranade tied to our starboard side. Meowee, a new furiend! A big 4 year old orange tabby named Lucy. However it was not to be. She was trained really early to never go out on deck, so she doesn’t. So I tried to go on her boat to see her, but got chased out by her humans. Apparently Lucy doesn’t play well with others and they were afraid she might hurt me. Once I snuck on board to try again and saw her through one of the port hole windows, and I guess they were right, she did look mean and wasn’t happy to see me.

While the humans enjoy swimming and socializing at the stern,  I enjoy some peaceful moments on the bow. We will be here for a couple of days. In the summer the water temperature is in the 70’s F. There are a couple of geocaches around, and lots of nooks and crannies to explore by kayak. And dare I say an abundance of fish and prawns? Hoping the sea gods fill our traps and hooks with a feast fit for a deserving Purrsea cat!IMG_2877



Green Boating

Photography 101 Day 11, Colors can stir emotions within us, tell stories, and transform our images. Today, use one color to add life or drama to your shot.


Pop of Green Floor Sign, Vancouver Boat Show


For over fifty years, the Vancouver International Boat Show has been, and still is, one of the best ways to find the latest & most innovative boating products on the market. For a modest entrance fee, boaters have access to free seminars put on by boating experts including hands-on skills training, and free 30-minute power or sailboat rides to get a taste of the boating life. The Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons is there too teaching boaters about being safe on the water. 

What about keeping the water safe? In our boating play ground called the Strait of Georgia (or Salish Sea) on the Pacific West Coast, which provides us with some of the most pawsome cruising waters in the world, there are over 350,000 boats! Meowee, that’s a lot! And we need to make sure we minimize our impact on it especially in high use areas such as marinas, anchorages and marine parks. Boat shows are a great venue to learn more about sensitive areas, birds, fish and other critters that depend on our waters. The Strait of Georgia Alliance puts out a Guide to Green Boating. As a green boater, you pledge to:

  • Manage your sewage responsibly.
  • Take care when fueling.
  • Use bilge filters or bilge pads.
  • Maintain your boat.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products & bottom paint.
  • Dispose of all wastes properly.
  • Keep learning.

The next Vancouver International Boat Show will be held January 21-25, 2015 at BC Place Stadium and Granville Island. Our squadron has added the boat show as a cruise destination to our cruise schedule.  The marina we dock at is nestled on the waterfront of the vibrant Yaletown neighborhood and is a daytime hub of activity in the southeastern part of downtown Vancouver. It’s surrounded by parks, patio restaurants, urban apartments and modern condos of residential towers with spectacular views. The Vancouver sea wall passes right along by the marina and is one of the docking places for both the Aquabus and False Creek Ferry routes to Granville Island. All the amenities of gracious urban living can be found nearby, from the gourmet markets, yoga establishments and public transit, to the busy nightlife and boutiques. Our members have a lot of fun there and I really look forward to going, and you can look forward to my report on anything to do with boats and furiends.


The Raft-up Connection

Photography 101, Day 6: In today’s world, we’re more connected than ever. How will you capture our theme, connect, through your lens? There are many ways to interpret this theme: from a gadget to a handshake, from a bridge to a gathering among friends. What’s yours?


Prideaux Haven Raft-up, Desolation Sound, BC

These are typical of our squadron’s raft-ups, where the boats are connected to each other, and our members connect with each other, and nature. Other boaters have (jokingly) commented that we look like a small city, and all things considered, I guess perhaps we do especially at night with our underwater lights, music, BBQ smells, toys, and laughter.  We are the most fun group on-the-water. But make no mistake, we are very serious about safe boating. (Mom wants you to know that even though there are no sail boats in these pictures, we do have members with sail boats,… just not in these photos.) You can see our boat Minstrel, fifth boat from the left.

My humans had a disagreement about these two photos. Although they agree both represents the theme, the dad human hates the sun rays effect in the 2nd photo and mom thinks it’s really cool. It’s not an applied effect, it’s natural. Mom noticed that when using those online photo editors, some of them have a “ray” effect that can be applied so others must like it too… or maybe it “depends” when it works. What do you think?

The mom human played around with the exposure (brightness, contrast, shadows, and highlights) to try to make the photos “pop” a little more…at least that’s what she said she tried to do.


Commander’s Sail Past Raft-up, Bedwell Bay, BC


A Scene At the Marine Park

Writing 101, Day 9: For today’s assignment, write a scene at the park. Up for a twist? Write the scene from three different points of view.

(A typical scene in any anchorage, this is my furiend Tank and his humans.
We were in Desolation Sound Marine Park at the time. This was a fun assignment =^,,^=)

Dog: I gotta go so bad! I can’t wait to get on land. The shore is right there. Faster now, faster. No don’t backup, we were almost there! I don’t care if it’s not a perfect spot, I gotta go now! Everyday for over a week it’s been like this. I know they try their best but they can go whenever they want. I hope they brought my ball and will play with me awhile before we go back. Okay, that looks like a good spot, I can’t hold it much longer… “HUHWHUWHUWEEE!”

Woman: It’s so pretty and peaceful here, I just love it. I don’t really like boating but this makes it so worth it. What should I take a picture of? Trees, rocks, water? I have so many pictures, what’s a few more. Oh, I see some flowers…. “Rod, take me in a little closer over there would you please”. That’s better. “Ow Tank, stop squirming and get off my foot.” I really should trim his nails. Darn, I forgot his ball. A fresh water swim in the lake? “Sounds good to me.” What is that funny sound Tank is making. “Do you hear him Rod? It almost sounds like he’s saying hurry.”

Man: Another couple of feet and I’ll have to start raising the motor before the props hit bottom. I really don’t want that Green Jacket/Bent Prop award. As soon as the bow touches land Tank will be out of the dinghy like a shot. Good thing the tide is high. It’s much easier to get him on shore without his feet getting cut on the oyster shells.  Blood makes such a mess and I hate cleaning it up. Good, there’s the path to the lake where that dinghy is over there by those flowers. “Hey Sharee, whaddahya say we all go for swim in the lake tomorrow, and we’ll bring Tank’s ball too. Tank! Quiet down.”




Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Black and White (Architecture and Reflections)


I decided that it might be fun & educational to enter some of our old and new photos we have into various photo contests & challenges and thought this would be a good one to start with. It’s a photo in a collection of photos my mom takes called “Reflections of Boating“. She was cruising past the sandy beach overlooking Burrard Inlet at Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby BC, Canada aboard our boat the MV Minstrel when she captured the reflection of the starboard side view in the windows with a Fujifilm Finepix F410 digital camera. It is originally in color but she edited it in Windows Live Photo Gallery to make it Black & White. This is also a good hands on exercise to learn ones way around the various features probably common to most photo editing software (she’s a bit of a newbie at this).

This photo challenge is put on by Lens and Pens by Sally where you can see other entries and even join in the fun yourself. =^,,^=


Treated in Tenedo’s Bay


Meow my furiends. It’s been hot hot hot. We spent the last 3 days rafted up in beautiful Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park with it’s more than 60 km of shoreline, several islands, numerous small bays and snug coves. The warm waters of the park are ideal for swimming and scuba diving and the forested upland offers a shady refuge of trails, small lakes, and designated campsites. This park can be split up into three major destination anchorages: Prideaux Haven, Tenedo’s Bay and Grace Harbour. Continue reading

Geocaching on Caturday


Today was a good day to go geocaching. I didn’t actually get to go but my Oceantagz fish tag did. There were several geocaches hidden on Newcastle Island and my fish tag visited 2 of them, pictured below. My mom wants me to accompany them when they do land excursions, but my dad is a lot more conservative and doesn’t, but if dad wants a happy life, then he has to have a happy wife, so I will be going to shore at some point. Continue reading