Following the Sea To Home Port

IMG_3351I believe the human phrase by Henry David Thoreau is “never look back unless you are planning to go that way”. Well I’m looking back because I can’t stop thinking about all the pawsome adventures we’ve just had. Look at my face – I’m not happy.  Do we really have to go home? Yes somebody has to earn the big bucks to put fuel in the tanks so we can go again. And go again we will on the long weekend cruise to Bowen Island at the beginning of September, just three weeks from now, purr purr.


Heading south on Malaspina strait to Welcome Pass.

Minstrel’s twin cat engines purred steadily along during the 6 1/2 hour cruise it takes to get back to Port Moody, and I catnapped for most of it. We started out in a pleasure-to-cruise-in fallowing sea for about 3 hours until we left the more protected corridor of Malaspina Strait called Welcome Pass, and continued into the noticeably bumpier following sea of the Georgia Strait.  In nautical terms, fallowing relatively means calm, inactive waters, and following is when the boat and any waves are going in the same direction. A following sea can be quite dangerous in high wind & waves, but these were small gentle rollers mixed in with busy afternoon boat-traffic waves …like from one of the BC Ferries that’s following behind us. Yikes – better get out of the way captain dad!


BC Ferry following behind us near Howe Sound.