A Hair Care Prose I Suppose

Caring for ones appearance requires an adherence to a good tongue licking. To Keep hair from sticking and in it’s place start with the face.  Apply a little spit onto your mitt, and buff in a circular motion. This liquid lotion will polish to a glossy shine and is a sign of a healthy feline. It will feel wet so don’t get upset, and continue to thoroughly clean. It’s called personal hygiene.

Groom front to back allowing no slack and employ long full strokes.  Daily washing evokes an oily secretion and it’s stimulation helps maintain healthy skin.  This habit must begin at an early age and will engage much of your time. To stay so sublime a trim of the claws on all four paws a routine ritual must include.  If in the mood it is understood an interconnection of affection such as this is much like a kiss. It’s called Kitty-Bliss.


My skin is a little hairy, so that’s what it means to meow. We’re not happy with our iPhoto. Since putting the life-proof case on, it’s got this strange reflection showing up so we will be hunting for another photo…there always another photo…but to post this prose today, we we’ll use it anyway…..

Poetry 101 Day 3: Choose whatever meaning of “skin” speaks to you the most. The suggested form might sound like an oxymoron: the prose poem. Unlike some of the other forms a prose poem, by definition, has no fixed rules. Whether a reader sees the prose or the poetry in it hinges on a variety of factors beyond your control. In your poem, try creating some internal rhymes — a device that’s particularly well-suited for prose poetry.