Happy Halloween, Twenty Fifteen


Halloween Boat Cat
Presence felt on a Ghost Ship
Has Risen Again


This photo was of me sitting on top of the settee cushion at window level on our boat Minstrel as we were leaving our marina, but the background scene in the window was of an ugly oil refinery, so we were very pleased with how a little cropping and a couple of photo effect apps totally blotted that aspect out. First we uploaded the iphone photo into PHO.TO and selected the Realistic Photomontage-> Catoptromancy effect. It needed a bit of a frame finish so then we uploaded it Pixlr.com and applied the Wave effect and Tiny Frame.

And I couldn’t resist a quick Halloween Haiku to go with it. Happy Halloween 2015!!

A shout out in honour of Penelope, The Cat From Hell who designed this pumpkin for me last year!
Thanks again Nellie!


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Haikus to A Mews

029I have decided to take a break from writing – no not blogging, just writing –  writing 101 that is. I had to help human mom with the Squadron’s newsletter; reporting on our summer cruises, the shoreline cleanup and other important mariner and member information. We had to select the photos, caption, crop, and resize to fit, place them on the pages (all twelve of them) and format the text. We ended up too far behind in our writing 101 assignments.

We’re done now and have some time again but instead of catching up, we’re switching gears –  into poetry 101. I hope that wasn’t a hiss I  just heard considering it wasn’t the most popular choice on the survey from last week’s poll. Here’s our chance to improve, maybe, and we’ll run another poll at the end to find out.

Day 1 is to write a poem about/against/in homage to the screens in your life in the form of a Haiku with alliterations. I wrote this one:

Paws on the windows
Swiping away to no where
It’s not a touch screen.

And human mom wrote this one with Halloween in mind (she just finished designing a poster for the upcoming Halloween Party too):

Behind a smoke screen
Smoldering eyes seared with sweat
Mask a dark secret.

It wouldn’t be fair to ask which one you like better (mine of course), but I hope you at least like them. Please leave a critique in the comments if you care to!