Treated in Tenedo’s Bay


Meow my furiends. It’s been hot hot hot. We spent the last 3 days rafted up in beautiful Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park with it’s more than 60 km of shoreline, several islands, numerous small bays and snug coves. The warm waters of the park are ideal for swimming and scuba diving and the forested upland offers a shady refuge of trails, small lakes, and designated campsites. This park can be split up into three major destination anchorages: Prideaux Haven, Tenedo’s Bay and Grace Harbour. Continue reading

Raft-up in Rebecca Spit


I  love boating and fishing so much that when we passed through one of the best fishing waters, called Wilby Shoals at the south end of Quadra Island, it was too hard to pass up and I told my humans to make a short trip longer. Dad put out the downriggers and after a few hours Continue reading

Adventures at April Point


April point on the west side Quadra Island is the gateway point for major fishing excursions or to cruise north to the Discovery Islands. The marina we are in is located in the cove east of April Point Resort in a quiet secluded & protected bay. Continue reading

Geocaching on Caturday


Today was a good day to go geocaching. I didn’t actually get to go but my Oceantagz fish tag did. There were several geocaches hidden on Newcastle Island and my fish tag visited 2 of them, pictured below. My mom wants me to accompany them when they do land excursions, but my dad is a lot more conservative and doesn’t, but if dad wants a happy life, then he has to have a happy wife, so I will be going to shore at some point. Continue reading

Purrsea’s Northern Lights Cruise


Meowee, I can’t believe the day finally arrived and we left the marina to start our 2 week fun-filled yet untold adventures sea-cruise with the Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron (PMPSS). I understand we are part of about a 10 vessel fleet that we will be joining up with at the various bays and marinas our cruise master has preplanned for us to visit. Continue reading

GeoCatting Anyone?!


I just became trackable! “What’s that?” you meow my curious furiends. Well for starters, a couple of years ago my mom (Geo-Julee) discovered Geocaching, then last year she took an Electronic Charting course through the Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron … forward to today and guess what, Continue reading