Purring in Pender Harbour


Looking for furiends at Garden Bay Marina

Day 2 at Garden Bay Marina, and I thought I might get bored when the humans leave me on board to go socialize with the other humans. There aren’t many furiends for me to greet this time. My dear furiend Skipper, a seasoned boat dog, passed away peacefully last December, and some of the other humans with furiends aren’t with us this trip, so I’m it.


Playing with a dragonfly

But then, what looked like a small bird flew in the cabin and I couldn`t resist the urge to catch it! I chased it all over the boat, up onto the counters and spilling debris onto the floor…what a mess. Later I learned it was called a dragonfly.  Then there were these buzzy hovering yellow & black striped bugs called wasps….they don`t play nice so we don`t like wasps. Thankfully the humans have these special paddles that zaps the wasps dead when they touch it.


Cool evening purrs on deck

The weather has been sweltering hot this week. We’re having an abnormally hot & dry summer this year and water restrictions are in full swing…water restrictions? How can that be with all this water around me?! The evenings are a bit cooler and once the sun ball goes down, it`s very pleasant to sit out side after dinner. Tomorrow morning we set out to an anchorage we were at last year called Prideaux Haven, in Desolation Sound. =^,,^=


Bumpy Ride to Garden Bay


Comfortable in my carrier on a bumpy Salish Sea.

July 31st we left on our 2 week “Northern Sea Cruise” with the Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron. Our first stop over was in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast, one of our traditional stops on the way out, and back again on the way home.

It was a beautiful day but the Salish Sea was bumpy and the ride was rough. I don`t fare so well in those conditions and I tend to drool  and have other bodily reactions that are not befitting to mention of a cool seafaring cat such as myself….and it`s a 6 hour cruise. My human mom scooped me up in a blanket and took me outside to the upper helm deck. Even though the motion is more noticeable there, at least there is fresh air. I sat quietly with her for a couple of hours and then they brought up my carrier for me to lie in. Once we passed through Welcome Pass, the waves had started to subside which helped immensely. I was slowly feeling better and getting my sea legs back.


Entering Pender Harbour, BC

IMG_2749 (2)

Waiting for the rest of the fleet to arrive at Garden Bay Marina in Pender Harbour, BC

To state the obvious, I was quite relieved once we were tied up to the dock at Garden Bay Marina. A few chews on my oat grass and I was feeling back to normal. We are here for a couple of days before heading out to our next stop. If you`d like to see where we are or have been, check out My Geocat Map. Mom will also be looking for any nearby geocaches and taking my trackable travel fish tag along to visit them. =^,,^=


Garden Bay Greetings


Alas my furiends, after a 6 hour cruise on fairly calm waters, we glided into Garden Bay Marina in Pender Harbour for the last 2 days of our vacation. A few of our PMPSS  humans were there to greet us as I guided Minstrel  into her slip assignment. Continue reading