A Tasteful Seafood Elegy?


Dearly departed, we have gathered you here on this plate,
to witness the fulfillment of this your fate;

Caught in baited traps on the rocky ocean bottom,
pulled up from the depths of your cold briny darksome;

Whether you be grilled, sauteed, or even just steamed,
As an appy or main dish you are highly esteemed.

Bless’ed is your fusion with lemon, garlic and butter,
Seasoned with a sprinkle of salt ‘n pepper;

With a dower of sweet ‘n sour on a bed of rice I may toss,
Or simply dipped, in a tangy cocktail sauce;

A bite of fire and spice a hint of curry does bring,
Through summer to autumn to winter and spring;

So tasty, so savoury, you’re one of life’s greatest Treats,
we give you our thanks as we hungrily take our seats;

The ever so fresh, so decadent and succulent prawn,
I opened my mouth and then you were gone.


Poetry 101 Day 8: Make today’s poem about one flavor and why it matters to you. (Feel like addressing multiple flavors? Go for it!). Form: Elegy: A moment, a place, a person, a feeling — your elegy can be about anything, as long as it evokes a thing that’s irretrievably gone. There’s a lot you can do with enumeratio — today’s suggested literary device — in your poems. As its name might suggest, it basically means constructing a list, a successive enumeration (duh!) of multiple elements in the same series. Enumeratio often entails the repetition of conjunctions like “and” and “or” — you can use them in clever ways, for example, to create internal rhymes or assonance.