Boat Sitting


When the humans are off Minstrel and hanging out with their human friends, it befalls to me to look after her. I had a busy day. A boat tied up ahead of our bow on the dock that had a huge black Labrador type dog. He was not one of our members. Back and forth the dog went past Minstrel and I didn’t like the way he was looking at us. He acted like all tough and important like, so when he barked at me, I leaned as far as I could over the Minstrel’s rail with my fur all puffed out and hissed right back at him. As he moved along the dock the length of Minstrel, I was right there to make sure he kept moving. I think he got the message.


Day 4 of our cruise was about a 6 hour travel day. We left Garden Bay real early in the morning with 4 other vessels in our fleet and headed up to Desolation Sound…Meowee! Our weather forecast for the next 2 weeks show all sun balls and high temperatures, but the wind is always a concern to boaters.

The first hour was great. A gorgeous sun shiny day with a calm sea and fair winds but unfortunately that didn’t last. About a 3 foot chop developed once we got out further into the Strait, and we bounced about a fair bit, enough so that it got too uncomfortable for me to sleep through. My human, always on the alert for signs that I’m going to lose any of my innards scooped me up in a towel and took me outside. She sat in the deck chair where it was little less rocky and we stayed there for a couple hours and enjoyed the fresh air until it finally subsided enough where I could handle it better on my own.

We reached Grace Harbour about 1 pm in the afternoon and established the raftup for the others to join. My human went fishing tonight but came home empty-handed. I was still full from a treat of BBQ’d steak bites so I wasn’t too upset.  Better luck next time. Tomorrow my humans are going geocaching and my trackable fish will help find a few more for me.




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