Garden Bay Selfie


Ahoy from Garden Bay in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast here in beautiful, British Columbia. We are now day 3 into our  two week vacation heading north again to our favourite playground on the Pacific Ocean.  According to the humans, the weather is going to be hot hot hot for most of it.  I’ll try to keep cool without making anymore big splashes, but after day 1 I’m now an official member of the humans “Little Dipper” club, an honourary title for all those that “fell” into the water, although it was actually my second time.

About a dozen boats in our fleet have joined our squadron’s group cruise, and about half left the marina this morning, including Nacho, to head over to the Princess Louisa Fjords and waterfalls.  The rest of us are heading to Desolation Sound tomorrow morning.

I didn’t want to confuse anyone but Nacho had a name change since last year. Now he’s called Diego. For the rest of our cruise, I think I only have one new furiend with our group to get to know during this cruise, a little gray Shih Tzu type of dog.

Today is already beginning to heat up, and after I finish this post I think I’ll hunker down in the state room and nap through the heat of the day. That’s also the best way to stay on the boat and out of trouble …and the water. Enjoy your Sunday and paw paw for now.


We are joining THE CAT ON MY HEAD for Sunday Selfies.Click here to see more selfies, and join the fun!

9 thoughts on “Garden Bay Selfie

  1. Hello! How lovely to meet you. Your life aboard sounds a lot of fun as well as hazardous. Me, I don’t do the briny stuff but applaud you taking charge of your humans endeavours on board. An excellent selfie of the ships cat hard at work, keeping tabs on the ships supply of nip, cream, and mice no doubt. MOL

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  2. Mee-you Purrsea may mee inn-troduce meeself?
    Mee name iss Purrince Siddhartha Henry an mee livess at Thee Purrfect Pad (where Queen Nylablue used to live).
    Mee been here since Decemburr 2014 an just terned 3 yeerss old. LadyMum saw yur linky an shee said mee should come an mee-yow to you! An shee sayss yur lookin SO-O grown uppy an beeuteefull…..mee agreess yur beeuteefull….
    Happy sailin…
    Sinseerlee, Purrince Siddhartha Henry ann ((hugsss)) LadyMum

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