A Pen, Guin and Me Selfie


Meet my new furiends Pen and Guin. We were all set to go to the annual Penguin Plunge event on New Years Day this year and then found out it got cancelled. Apparently on New Years Eve day, a boat with a wooden hull had sprung a leak and started sinking. The skipper decided to head for shallower waters so it wouldn’t sink very deep. Unfortunately that was the boat launch at Rocky Point Park here in Port Moody where hundreds of humans gather to take a traditional dip in the frigid sea water to start the new year.

Rocky Point Park, Port Moody, BC

New Years Day 2015 Penguin Plunge, Rocky Point Park boat launch, Port Moody, BC


New Years Day 2016, Rocky Point boat launch, Port Moody, BC (photo: Sheila Leavitt)

We were all very disappointed, and instead of spending a very beautiful but cold and somewhat foggy day on the water with the other silly humans wearing silly penguin hats, we spent most of the day in our land home, doing nothing. We could have gone to another Penguin Plunge event that was scheduled a couple of hours later in another community about twenty minutes away by boat, but Minstrel has recently developed a mysterious electrical problem and unless the generator is running, we have no power coming into the boat. The generator is louder inside the boat than out, and that was the last thing we needed to hear after a late night of “ringing in” the new year.

Pen and Guin usually stay outside the house in their light-up hot air balloon during the Christmas season, but before they left to go back to their home at the south pole, I took advantage of a rare indoor moment to get a selfie with them. They’ll be back again next December.


We are joining THE CAT ON MY HEAD for the first Sunday Selfies of 2016.Click here to see more selfies, and join the fun!

15 thoughts on “A Pen, Guin and Me Selfie

  1. It is that time of year around here too where the silly humans jump into the icy water. I don’t mind with my furs, but I don’t find it a good idea for those without fur. My mom has never done it but would like to try. I think she is nuts!

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  2. Dats a loverly selfie you gotted with Pen and Guin… hope they have a safe journey back to the north pole. Double durns about the electrical problems with the boat – save you all kept warm. Frigid plunging doesn’t sound like too much fun fur us katz… we dont likes water and cold mixed together… but might be fun watching humans freeze themselves… Purrz from Joey who likes watching interesting things humans do.

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  3. What a cute selfie! My human says that there is no way EVER she would do a Polar Bear Plunge… unless someone tossed her in the water! And if someone did, they had better run for their life!

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  4. Your selfie is absolute purrfection! Sorry that cold water plunge was canceled. Thanks so much for joining our hop into the new year. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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