Meow On A Sailboat

Look at meow! I’m on a sailboat! No we didn’t buy a new boat. I just borrowed this one for an impromptu photo opp. Whenever we’re at the marina to clean Minstrel or to socialize with their friends, my humans  let me outside somewhat by myself. So what did they expect I’d do? Sit around on the deck of our boat and be content to just look at my surroundings? Ha, silly humans. So when I spied this little sailboat with the green canvas I thought to myself, “how fun would it be to send my good buddy, Bailey Boat Cat, a photo of me on a boat like his!” …and here I am.


When my absence was finally realized, which didn’t take long, over she strode all mother-hen like to shush me back to our boat. But when our eyes met and she realized where I was, in that instance I knew she thought the exact same thing I had. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the camera and the photo session began. Of course I went with it. My plan was working.



And there you have it. I came, I saw, I conquered….and I was ready to get off. I hope you like my photos Bailey. Now, what ploy can I come up with to get on that boat over there….



Writing 101 Day 14: Write a post that takes place during one single day. Recreating a single day doesn’t automatically mean describing every detail. This assignment is very much about editing — and focusing on the right details. Zoom in even further, limiting yourself to just one hour of your chosen day.

15 thoughts on “Meow On A Sailboat

    • Hi Margy, what dock is it at? We’re on dock 9. We will be down there this coming weekend to start decorating Minstrel for our Christmas cruises. Hope the weather holds out, but my humans tell me, as you know, they predict snow this week….hiss!


  1. Looks like we might have been dock mates, but the Ste. Marie (yes we are keeping the same name it is so beautifully written on a brand new paint job) will be leaving the first week of December for her new home on Powell Lake. Finding a way to get there has been a challenge, but Agonic Marine Transport will pick her up at Port Moody and deposit her in Powell Lake. That may be for the best since we are sailors yet (only power boaters). – Margy

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  2. What a handsome sailor you are on that sail boat, your plan to get some photos taken for Bailey was pawesome. You sure have perfected your agility training of your Mom, Clove and Kaspars are impressed. They wish for me to improve upon mine and wondered if you use a clicker with your Mom or do you have a specific training method you use? I told them I refuse to respond to a clicker, so they best come up with another plan!

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