Oh Those Sneaky Geese

“Ahoy?” During my deck patrol I heard a suspicious sound and went to investigate. There was definitely something swimming around in the water at the back of the boat.

No answer, but there it was again!


Maneuvering closer I repeated: “Ahoy?!”

Still no answer. My curiosity got the better of me and I just had to look….


Oh it’s just those marina geese sneaking by on their sunset tour. Maybe they think I’m one of them and want me to join them, or maybe they’re trying to taunt me into chasing them. Either way, I’m not getting in that water!



Writing 101 Day 13: Play with word count. For those who’d like to aim for a specific word count, take a look at some 100-word stories at 100 Word Story, or Reader’s Digest list of winning 100-Word True Stories, then take a stab at your own.

9 thoughts on “Oh Those Sneaky Geese

  1. With your fur colour you could really blend in with the flock. Have you ever fallen in, by accident of course? I had a cat so intent on chasing something in the back yard he plunged into the spa, and burr, it wasn’t even on. – Margy

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  2. those geese don’t understand cat language. you should have said quack – quack. oh wait,, that’s a duck. what sound does a goose make. Honk? wats that. lets just assume these are ducks, ok. Anybhow,… just don’t fall into the water!

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  3. I think those sneaky geese knew exactly what you were saying and were attempting to lure you in to a trick at your own expense. I have no doubt they were hoping you would be so attracted to chasing after them, thus ending up in the water so they could enjoy a good laugh. Never trust a friendly bird- it’s against their nature and suspicious! *flattens ears at whips tail at thought of trickster geese*


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