True Catfessions: Where I Write

whereIwriteComing to you live, from the entertainment capital of my house, is today’s post!  Yes, shockingly (or not) most of my writing is done in the TV room. During the day when the humans are at work, it’s actually a very peaceful den. Let me take you on a quick tour, and then please fill out a short poll at the end.

Dark red walls (darker than in this photo), were inspired by the colors of Vancouver Canucks hockey team, and compliments the light brown wall-to-wall carpet,  butter yellow couches, and the mottle of a reddish-brown brick fireplace. A mix of nautical and sports themed pictures and keepsakes adorn the walls, mantle, and matching black coffee and side tables. Those wide-slatted wooden horizontal blinds, covering the large ground level front window, diffuses the bright light by day and adds privacy by night. The extra-wide window ledge, overlooking a small garden bed, is purrfect for full-body lounging when I need to take a break. From there I can watch any street activities, or furiends looking for a drink from the garden’s stone-edged water feature.

The laptop is our main writing instrument of choice. It usually sits beside human mom’s Lazy Girl Recliner within easy reach on that small metal table stand against the wall. Human dad sits next to her in his matching black faux-leather Lazy Boy recliner, and my 3-tiered cat tower is placed at the end of couple of beachwood TV trays serving as a console between them. I just fit in the octagonal shaped bed atop the tan plushly carpeted cat tower where I sleep (dream up stuff to write) while they watch TV. Human dad likes to watch hockey or football games. I eventually got tired of failing to catch the little black dot whizzing across the 50″ screen. Now that I’m older, it just makes me dizzy. He really gets into his sports and becomes rather vocal in his excitement. It can get quite distracting. I’ve learned to tune it out for the most part but when there is a newsletter deadline and we need to focus, we take the laptop upstairs to the dining room table and setup shop there for a couple of evenings until it’s done. That’s the beauty of a laptop: it’s just so portable.

The laptop takes up very  little room and is convenient to take to my happy place on the boat so we can keep writing there even on a sea cruise.  The salon (galley, living & dining room) is really the only place inside where one can write. It would be absolute heaven to sit outside and write when the weather allows it, but human mom thinks squinting at the laptop monitor for too long, which is hell to see in daylight, will give her more crows lines…wait, what?

Being empty-nesters now, distractions are minimal except for the TV and occasional phone calls. It’s easy to lose track of time and ones self in writing. I have to catfess, human mom has an annoying habit of writing something, then changes her mind and rewrites it. She’ll re-arrange sentences, shorten sentences, replace words, or even delete everything and start over from a different point of view. In a way it’s like decorating a room and trying to find the right furbishings and color scheme. The worst part is trying to find a matching photo somewhere in all the thousands of photos she has.  This is why it takes way more time to finish and publish a post than it should. This fall and winter she has big ambitions to, ironically enough, add some home decorating projects to her list of things to do, so we may find ourselves writing in the dining room more often unless she gets herself more organized. That would include sorting her photos into folders with more meaningful names, and setting up one day a week to write and schedule some posts to publish in the coming week. If only it were that easy.

We’d like to thank everyone for visiting and reading our posts. The topics we’ve written about seem to have garnered a fair bit of positive attention thus far, and we’d just like to take a quick survey on what you’ve liked best and would like to read more of. You can select as many as you like in the survey in no particular order.


Writing 101, Day 6: Where do you write? Do you prefer blogging on your laptop in a coffee shop? Are you productive in a quiet room, door closed, away from civilization? Today, describe the space where you write. Or, if you don’t have a dedicated place, what is your ideal setting? Consider these questions to shape your post: What are your writing habits?, What equipment or supplies do you use to write? What do you need and want in a physical space?

11 thoughts on “True Catfessions: Where I Write

  1. Writing for me is hard because I tend to edit as I go, and re-edit some more later. I know that interrupts the flow, but it’s a habit hard to break. Like you I use a laptop. I try to write on the sofa up at the cabin. But in winter that can be problematic since our power supply is more limited. I do journal by hand every day so I capture stories as they happen. My husband says I should do that electronically so I can cut and paste. Somehow the act of writing is important to me, and I know the journals will be important for me to have as remembrances when I can no longer live off the grid.

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  2. We enjoy your blog PERIOD! My Mom and I do all our writing up in her studio/office. We only have a PC so we’re “stuck” there instead of being mobile with a laptop or tablet…….maybe one of these days – Mom says often she wishes she could write from the front porch on a pretty day or down in the woods on a bench on a breezy afternoon…………..but for now, PC works.

    Hugs, Sammy

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