Looking Good in Grace Harbour

IMG_3244Grace Harbour is a beautiful anchorage, and offers shelter and protection from the wind and waves. The water temperature was a borderline 68 degrees F, but closer to the shore, the sun-baked rocks acted like a heater and made swimming and floating around them very enjoyable for the humans.

While human dad tried his luck fishing again,  human mom went and found the geocache which was just a short paddle by kayak across the bay. The location was close to the park information board and entrance to the trail that leads to a waterfall and lake. The humans had been here 3 summers ago and had a very refreshing shower in the falls.


I want to go fishing!

When human dad returned from fishing, he had a very disappointing fish tale to tell about the big one that got away. A 25lb Spring Salmon that, just before human dad could get the net under, spat out the hook out at him, and swam away. If he had just let me go with him like I tried to do, I could have helped and maybe we’d be telling a very different tale today.

The other humans decided to dine at a popular restaurant called the Laughing Oyster, about a 20 minute dinghy ride south in the Malaspina Inlet. Oysters are very abundant in these waters but my humans don’t care for them so I have no idea if they are good or not.


Contents of “Grace Land” geocache.


Our Raft-up in Grace Harbour. Minstrel is on the left.


3 thoughts on “Looking Good in Grace Harbour

  1. I see you posted this yesterday. We are heading out from Powell River today to go around Cortes or over to Quadra or maybe into Theodosia, wherever the seas are kind. We usually save the popular anchorages for the shoulder season since we live so close. Unfortunately Sticktail is no longer with us to cruise. We do miss the little guy, but he never like rough seas in the powerboat. – Mary

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    • So sorry to hear about Sticktail. I don’t like the rough seas much either, especially the first day, but after that I figured out how to get through the travel days…sleep! We are actually back in Port Moody now and just catching up on the last few days of our cruise that ended yesterday. Smooth crossings to you!


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