Going to Gorge Harbour

IMG_3166The raft-up separated slightly this morning with 3 vessels heading to Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park, and 5 heading west to Gorge Harbour; about a 3 hour cruise for Minstrel. The water was calm and a pleasure to boat through. The skies were showing patches of blue, and the temperature was maintaining it’s warmth. I’ve quite taken to sleeping now while we travel; it helps passes the time very comfortably.

Before I knew it Minstrel was tied up to the dock at Gorge Harbour Marina. The main dock sections were double wide and it felt like land. But before I knew it, I was tied up too. Mom read a sign further up the dock that advised guests that all dogs had to be on a leash while on the dock. So when human mom saw me wandering off the boat, she wasted no time in putting my harness and leash on me. Wait, I’m not a dog!

This place was rather uneventful for me. In the afternoon, the humans went swimming in the pool, then to the restaurant fur dinner with the other humans, so there was no opportunity fur catching a fish or some prawns today. I’ll just have to catch them in my dreams fur now.


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