The Smells, Tastes, & Sounds of the Sea

IMG_3115IMG_3101I can just sit and smell the sea air all day. It smells so good. Yesterday human dad set out the prawn traps, and then got up super early this morning to bring them back. Meowee, a generous haul of about 150…I can almost smell them cooking now. Some we cook, but most we freeze. We have the luxury of being able to have a second freezer on board to preserve our catch to share with family & friends during the coming year.

IMG_3120Mom got me a little plate with fishies on it that I eat my share of the catch from…cute isn’t it! Fur some reason, everything tastes better when you eat from plates with little fishies on them. Do any of you have dishes with sea creatures on them?

Tonight is a special night because it’s the dinghy concert. An American boat named Pres du Soleil, an 80 ft Ocean Alexander, anchors in Prideaux Haven and the owner flies in a singer named Robin Landry and her band the Chicksie Dicks. It’s true, I’m not making it up. They setup the sound system on the back deck and invite everyone in the anchorage to come by dinghy or kayak or whatever, and listen to the music. This will be the 3rd annual event they’ve put on and it’s also a fund raiser for their ROTC by way of CD sales.

IMG_3123I didn’t get to go which was fine with me because we would be tied to many other dinghies and it might be a little scary for me with so many strangers around. Even though it poured rain, my humans kept dry under a big patio umbrella human dad rigged up on the dinghy. Unfortunately later that night, a huge wind storm came out of nowhere and blew the umbrella away.


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