First Santa Ships Selfie

This weekend we had our first Santa’s Christmas Ships parade and all went very well. The weather couldn’t have been more purrfect for cruising at night. I was helping mom get the boat all decorated and everything was looking very festive for our guests until those pesky black crows showed up! Wait, who invited them?! I defended the inside of the boat as best I could, but the Christmas village on the dash suffered a little.



I got to spend the whole weekend on the boat and enjoyed our Santa Ship’s cruise very much. Friday night we had about 14 ships, and on Saturday night twelve ships cruised up Indian Arm into Bedwell Bay, one of our favourite weekend anchorages, and was met with a show of fireworks from the landlubbers who showed their appreciation for our presence which we appreciate immensely too.


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14 thoughts on “First Santa Ships Selfie

  1. Hey!

    Thanks for stopping by Chase’s blog!

    We figured out how to do blog hops with the linky tools you suggested! So you can now join in and use it! Thanks for the help… I have put the linky thing on all the 12 days challenge post so you will be able to find it easily 🙂

    Your blog is very interested, I have never seen cats on a boat before! I was surprised how comfortable they were in other pictures of them laying right over the water, wow!

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    • You are a quick learner…Good job! We, however, are a little slow getting some pics ready to match your themes. Last year was my first Christmas and there’s not too many photos of me that turned out that says Christmas. Thanks for joining our adventures too, more to come! 🙂


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