Motion Monday: My Agility Course


Fence Jump: 8 T’s, 3 x 2 ft PVC, and 10 x 4inch PVC pieces

My agility course is finally taking shape. I now have two tunnels, weave poles, and a fence jump. The new jump and weave pole obstacles were supurr easy to assemble. Mom bought three, ten foot lengths of one-inch diameter PVC tubing which were about $5.00 each from the hardware store. You could ask the store to cut them up for you if you don’t have an electric saw. Then fourteen one-inch PVC T’s at about $1.50 each were required to join the pieces of tubing together. Fourty dollars including tax and 10 minutes later, that was it! Done!

For now we have to work around the rolled up carpet in the middle of the room. It’s for our second 26 foot power boat we have named WOFTAM. I haven’t ridden in that boat yet because it’s my human dad’s work boat for his business, and now it’s getting a little much needed TLC.


Fence Jump: Adjustable Height, 1, 2 or 3 rails

This was my first course run through. You can see in the video that I’m going to need a lot more practice. Mom is going remove one more of the jump rails and make it lower. I don’t usually have feathers on my target stick, but there was a hockey game on in the TV room where my dad was, and it was very loud and distracting. So mom stuck the feathers on to get my attention and it worked….maybe a little too much. This week we’ll focus on the weave poles to show you next Monday.  Have a great week and paw paw for now!





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