Me-ow in Motion

Photography 101 Day 13 Capture a fleeting moment and experiment with blur and movement. Slow down your shutter speed: set your camera to “shutter priority mode,” so you can set your shutter speed, but let the camera auto-select other settings, like the aperture, to ensure proper exposure.

Fleeting moments of eternity

Seen in motion all around us

Quickly fade and disappear

Soon passing out of sight

Without some focus

Image becomes

A blended



Clearly, we need some more practise purrfecting this technique! We put the camera into TV (shutter speed priority) mode, and set it to 1/13th and changed the ISO to 80. The camera will automatically select the aperture. Then mom physically “panned” the camera with my movement to try to keep me in focus while the rest of the frame blurs when the shutter button is pressed. We will probably still delete ones that are all burry (just plain bad focus), but now understand better what purpose some blur serves and how to control it better. We do have a tripod and will make more use of that too, although we didn’t use it for these shots. Next time. Here is my favourite picture (not mine) of a cat in motion:



11 thoughts on “Me-ow in Motion

    • Sorry, I forgot to add the part about “panning”. Even with an iPhone (4) which doesn’t have a shutter speed setting either (unless it’s an app I guess), you can still get the effect by syncing the movement of the camera with the speed of the object. This requires the object to be moving across in front of you. Use the SCN mode on your camera if you have it. 🙂


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