Motion Monday: Agility Tunnel Training

Today furiends I’d like to show you how I am progressing with the tunnel obstacle.

While my human was post-editing my video, I did a little web-surfing on the history of cat agiltiy. I was surprised to learn that the birth of dog agility was rather unintentional. Back in 1978 at London’s famous Crufts Dog Show, a horse-enthusiast was tasked with entertaining the crowd between events. He came up with an event that employed dogs doing equestrian-like feats. It was a hit, and then in 1986 it came to America under the title of the U.S. Dog Agility Association. It was so much fun that it has become the fastest-growing dog sport in history.

ICAT started 17 years later in 2003 by four cat show women who knew how beautiful cats could be when in motion. With their horse, dolphin, dog and cat show backgrounds they also knew how to train their  furiends. The first  ICAT event was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in October 2003 at a TICA cat show hosted by Enchanted Cat Club. ICAT and cat agility was a huge success! Exhibitors and spectators got caught up in watching the lively, athletic race of the cats and their handlers through the agility course.

Ten years after that, on November 26, 2013, Bite TV and Force Four Entertainment announced the start of a fun new web and TV series called Battle Cats (6×30 scripted comedy). Battle Cats is a competition-based series that tests the true skills of us felines.  A cat agility arena was built right here in the greater Vancouver (B.C. Canada) area and was designed as the ultimate adventure course.

This week mom is working on building a few missing obstacles, and setting up a training course in her exercise room for me. That should be interesting. =^,,^=

4 thoughts on “Motion Monday: Agility Tunnel Training

  1. My stars Purrsea…you are one fantastic agility cat. The video had mom envious. I still run away from the clicker….even when she sewed it in a cat toy with stuffing around it. Kali tries it and k=likes all the treats but doesn’t want to do the tricks. Mom is getting a little tired of this game. She perked up when it dawned on her that I’m not scared of strange noises outside…it’s only in my safe area that strange noises are treated like monsters. It’s getting rather cold too to be standing outside clicking away….there’s snow on the ground. We’ll figure something out Purrsea. We didn’t know about this arena in Vancouver. Where abouts is it Purrsea? Is it downtown? Maybe she could catch the Skytrain down there. Mom would like to visit this arena when she comes to the big city.


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  2. Hi Shoko…. brrrr about the snow. Maybe the clicker is too loud…what about a click top pen or your mom can just say “good” or “yes” instead of clicking? That’s exactly what it is…a game…and some kitties are a little slower than others to “get it” but I’m sure she will. First, all Kali just needs to know that the clicker means treats. Then show them this video if you haven’t already … . The arena in Vancouver is only for the TV show, not for the general public. I know, drats eh!


  3. That is so amazing. I had to smile at the couple of little “attack” bum wiggles you had to do 🙂 You and your Mom have worked really hard and it is really incredible what you two have done. Love your videos and really appreciate your sharing.
    Marty’s Mom

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