All Is Naut Lost – Part III

Writing 101, Day 16 On day four, you wrote about losing something. On day thirteen, you then wrote about finding something. So, today’s twist: If you’d like to continue our serial challenge, also reflect on the theme of “lost and found” more generally in this post. (Part I, Part II)

It had been less than 24 hours after mom lost her wallet and she had it back in her hands, intact. Standing out in front of the Superstore in Campbell River, John started telling the humans how he made the connections that led to him to finding her. John was the volunteer Nautical Days Food Booth Coordinator, and had returned to the park that morning. The locals were there too with their metal detectors…the finders of metal stuff…and it was they who turned over the wallet to John. First off he checked the wallet for any identification cards. A driver’s license revealed who she was and that she lived on the mainland. Instantly he knew it was going to be next to impossible contacting her over here. Scanning through the rest of the cards he came across her Canadian Power & Sail Squadron membership card. On second thought, as he looked up and surveyed the marina directly in front of him, maybe it wouldn’t be that difficult . “Of course”, he said to himself and headed towards the crisscross maze of docks.

Coming into Comox Harbour Marina

Coming into Comox Harbour Marina

IMG_3957Now Comox is home to four, almost conjoining, marinas with a capacity to accommodate over 500 pleasure boats and a commercial fishing fleet. The first ramp he came to led him down to the Gas ‘N Go Marina. When the humans heard that the young attendant on duty recognized mom from her driver’s license picture, they were shocked. They agreed he was a very sociable sort and had chatted them up the entire fifteen minutes it took to fill the Geri can gas tank, pay, and secure it back in the dinghy. Mom didn’t think she looked all that much like her picture considering she wasn’t wearing much makeup at the time, and her long, now sun streaked, hair had been tied back. The guy obviously has a really good eye for faces. Being the astute lad that he was, he knew we hadn’t tied up there and suggested John try the next marina over.

At the Comox Harbour Marina, John asked the office staff there if they had anyone registered under mom’s last name and showed some of her ID. Since my humans aren’t married (although there are rumors of a big event next year) they therefore don’t have the same last names, and of course our boat Minstrel was registered under my human dad’s last name. However, they did recognize the Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons card and thought she was likely part of the Port Moody group that had just all checked out. Fortunately, being the last of the fleet to have left, MV “No Worries” was still within range and the Marina was able to hail them on the VHF radio. When the response came back that yes they knew her, they were given John’s name and phone number to pass on. There. That was all he could do. If nothing came of it in the short term, he could at least mail it to the address on the driver’s license and she’d get it back eventually.

But as you well know, she did get the message, and the story has a happy ending. Just when you start feeling all your faith in humanity is lost, it’s amazing when humans like John Mang seem to find a way into your life and remind you, that it’s not. =^,,^=


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