All Is Naut Lost – Part II

Writing 101, Day 13: Earlier in the course, you wrote about losing something. Today, write about finding something. For your twist, view day four’s post and today’s post as installments in a series. (Part IPart III)

Can you believe that, about an hour after discovering that her wallet was lost, mom had the phone number in hand of the person who claimed to have found it. One of their fellow PMPSS members, whose boat was ironically named “No Worries”, had been contacted via VHF Radio and was given the name and phone number of someone named John Mang to pass along when they saw her. So then the humans just had to figure out when and where to arrange a meeting.

A round trip back to Comox aboard Minstrel was another eight hours and would be an additional fuel expense they hadn’t counted on, not to mention that we’d either be returning to April Point in the dark, or spending another night back in Comox. Some of the human’s non-boating friends they’d met at the park last night conveniently lived across Discovery Passage in a town called Campbell River on Vancouver Island, which was only a fifteen minute dinghy ride from our location on Quadra Island. Dad thought once over there he could somehow arrange to borrow a car and drive back to Comox which would only be a couple of hours round trip instead. So with that in mind, dad called John. After about fifteen minutes of introductions, confirming we were the rightful owners of the wallet, and dad explaining our meeting options, John commented that since it was such a nice afternoon, he felt like taking a ride on his motorcycle and could possibly bring the wallet up to Campbell River, but first he had to take care of few things and would call us back.

While waiting, mom had been trying to piece together the night before. John had said he had returned to the park that morning to collect some signage and found it there. The only logical explanation she could think of was that when she fell to the ground with the others, her wallet must have fallen out of her fanny pack then. She thought she’d checked for her belongings when she got up again, the important things like her phone and camera but apparently not her wallet. What a dummy. He also said that after public events such as last night, many locals bring their metal detectors early in the morning and scan the grounds for valuables. If it wasn’t for John, chances of getting it back so soon, or even at all, were rather slim.


“Jester” – the dinghy


Discovery Harbour Shopping Center, Campbell River, Vancouver, Island, BC

What seemed like an eternity, John finally called back. He said he was quite happy to bring the wallet to us in Campbell River. The humans couldn’t have been more grateful. They donned their lifejackets, got in the dinghy and zipped across the water, and tied up to the dock at Discovery Harbour Marina. At the top of the marina entrance is the Discovery Harbour Shopping Centre, all of which is owned by the Wei Wai Kum First Nation people.

They had agreed to call John at 5pm to pinpoint a meeting place. When dad called John, dad had meant to say they were at the Superstore, but somehow got confused and said a store that was on the other side of town. Standing around waiting, waiting, and waiting some more, mom finally got suspicious of where dad had said to meet and told him to call John again. After several apologies and minutes later, John rode in and found them in front of the store. Within less than 24 hours of losing her wallet some 32kms away, mom had it back, completely intact. Since mom pays for everything with direct debit, aside from a couple of nickels and dimes there wasn’t any cash to speak of in it anyways. She was so relieved to get all her identification and credit cards back. The humans, wanting to thank John for his selflessness, offered to reward him some gas money, a bottle of wine, and dinner, but he would accept none of it. John only asked that they “pay it forward”. Then John asked the humans if they wanted to know the details of how he found mom.

To be continued.

11 thoughts on “All Is Naut Lost – Part II

  1. Wow…your mom got the wallet back. I wonder if everything was still there. That’s usually what I do to….say please. pay it forward instead of giving me anything. Can’t wait for the next part….hurry up and write it!! Just kidding Purrsea.


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  2. I agree with SCHLEE93…the perspective is really fun. As a fellow member of the lost-my-wallet-almost-had-an-aneurysm-then-got-it-back club, I am very happy for you that it was returned! The animation is pretty cool–only one note; the movement made it a little hard to read when the animated items moved in the text.

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