Twin Cats

Writing 101, Day 7: Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue

Did you know Minstrel has twin cats? The live under the floor in the engine room and make a lot of noise when we leave the dock, and whether they roar or purr is matter of opinion. Once when the humans weren’t looking I snuck in to meet them, but to my disappointment, I found out they’re not real cats. They’re 3208 210 horse power Catapillar engines! I had to be careful and step around puddles of oil and water, a sticky film to stain my paws a blackish gray. They were talking to each other and didn’t see me in the dark, and this is what I overheard them saying.

“Hey Starboard, what’s that dripping I hear?”

“I’ve got a leaky water pump Port. I’m so afraid we’re going sink, and I don’t want to die! Whaaa….”

“Calm down Starboard, no need to get all gushy. A new one will get ordered and installed soon. In the meantime the bilge pump will flush out any salt water. Everything will be fine, wait and see.”

“I just feel like I’ve let Minstrel down Port. She likes everything to be as ship shape as she is.”

“Don’t worry Starboard. Once Minstrel hears you roaring like a lion again, she’ll feel our power and it’ll all be water under the bridge.”

“I don’t roar like a lion Port, that’s what you sound like. I purr like a kitten.”

“That’s absurd Starboard, we sound the same. We’re twins!”

“But we’re not the same Port. Don’t you see, I’m on the green side and you’re on the red side?”

“I’m left exhausted Starboard. You’re high-handedness is tiring.”

“I’m sorry Port, you’re right. We’re the same.”

“No Starboard, you’re right. We’re different.”



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