All Is Naut Lost – Part I

Writing 101, Day 4 – Today, write about a loss. The twist: make this the first post in a three-post series. (Part II, Part III)

Meow my furiends. The topic of this assignment couldn’t be more purrfect. It’s so amazing how the catzmos works at times.  I was trying to figure out how to start telling this true story about something remarkable that happened to my mom but it’s a bit long so  breaking it up into parts solves that problem.

johnnycashconcertAs you know from my BC Day in Comox post last month, Comox on Vancouver Island was one of the destinations our Cruisemaster had selected for us to visit. It just so happened to be BC Day and Comox was holding it’s 56th Annual Nautical Days Festival. Their line up of outstanding entertainment included, for the first time, David James & Big River performing the music of Johnny Cash. It was almost eleven years since the world lost Johnny Cash, a singer-songwriter, actor and author. He was considered one of the most influential American musicians of the 20th century. One of the world’s leading and most convincing tribute artists, Canadian born David James nails Johnny’s mannerisms and voice. You could say he’s more like Johnny Cash than Johnny Cash himself. The real Johnny Cash is surely gone but his presence & music is most certainly, not lost.

comoxfireworksThe evening concert was held at the Comox Marina Park, right beside where our boats were moored. A fun human thing to do on occasion is to play dress up and this was one of those occasions. My humans dressed-up country style in honor of Johnny Cash and met up with their equally dressed-up boating friends in the park to enjoy the concert. Mom was rock’in it in her little Dixie girl outfit and red cowgirl hat if I do say so myself. They also met up with some of their non-boating island friends they hadn’t seen for awhile. A joyous reunion sprung up from a blanketed spot on the crowded grass only to fall down in a rush of squeals from their unbalanced embrace. After picking herself up off the ground, mom smoothed her clothes, hair and hat back into place, then checked for her iPhone, fanny pack, and (the now empty) drink cup: check, check, and check. After the concert they all came back to the boat to watch the fireworks, and “socialize” until late.

The next morning dad went to the marina office to pay the moorage as the fleet was checking out to continue on to the next destination. We were in no hurry to get there, enjoying the sunshine and calm waters, feeling not a care in the world, leaving any clean up from the night before until later. It wasn’t until we reached April Point Marina on Quadra Island some 4 hours later that it became apparent something was wrong. One of their PMPSS friends came over while we were tying up the boat to ask mom if she had lost her wallet. Mom didn’t know and had to go check. She tried to remember what she was wearing and where she’d been the night before, the details still shrouded in a bank of fog that was her memory. She had assumed it was somewhere within her belongings that were still strewn about the place, on the couch and in the stateroom, as usually happens just before bed on a late night of “socializing”. It wasn’t there, or anywhere on board. She started feeling a little sick in the pit of her stomach as the reality of the situation began to surface. The credit cards would all have to be cancelled, hopefully before any unauthorized purchases were racked up, and all the red tape she’d have to go through to have her driver’s license and other important cards replaced over time.  How would they pay for boat fuel? We still had over a week of vacation left. The friend said they didn’t have it but heard that someone had been trying to reach us through another member who still hadn’t arrived yet. We had our VHF radio on, but the signal must have been too weak, and the cell phones were either out of hearing or service range. So who had her wallet and how, through such odds, did they manage to reach her?

 To Be Continued….

4 thoughts on “All Is Naut Lost – Part I

  1. Oh my….I wonder if someone really has the wallet or its lost…..we a wait the next installment with great anticipation.

    We have nominated you for an award Purrsea so stop by our place/blog and pick it up. We enjoy your adventures so much….I even go out and tell my buds about you and what you’re doing.

    (((Shoko and Kali)))

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