The Lore of Cat Croons

Writing 101, Day 3: Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit.

I have many favourite songs in many categories of music, but the ones that have to do with the sea or cats are more significant to me than ones that don’t. Have you heard the song called “The Cat Came Back“? It’s a comic song written by Harry S. Miller in 1893 and it’s one of my favourite lores. This song has a great beat, and is often used to teach children the concepts of rhythm and tempo. The message of the lyrics can symbolically represent many things in life from not solving problems correctly, to putting some problems into purrspective compared to others. I certainly don’t think us cats are problems that should go away, no no hiss hiss, not what I’m saying at all, but with so many unwanted cats in shelters and on the streets, it certainly seems some humans feel that way. In a uncatty way though, the internet and social media has really brought the cat back and with it a fighting chance for the unwanted to become wanted again.

Speaking of cats on the street, “Stray Cat’s Strut” by the Stray Cats is a classic. I love one of the verses that says “I Got Cat Class and I Got Cat Style”. I like to think I have that too. Unfortunately for most stray cats, they don’t wish to be eating out of garbage cans, and it’s hard to be carefree when you’re wondering what dangers are lurking out there on a daily basis. However, it’s a cute song with a catchy melody, and loads of cattitude.

On a lighter note, my mom used to play the piano when she a young girl, and still has her old upright stored in the garage. She doesn’t play anymore but still very much enjoys listening to songs written for pianos. “The Year of The Cat” by Al Stewart is one of those songs. A very easy listening piece, the title comes from Vietnamese astrology and is supposed to be a stress free year. Unfortunately 2011 was not my birth year, and the next one is 2023. Many of the lyrics are inspired by the classic 1942 Humphrey Bogart movie Casablanca.

There are many more that I could have meowed on about that I like just as much as these. When is comes to music, I generally judge a song first by how much I like the way it sounds and the feelings it invokes more so than what the message is.  Okay, can’t help but mention one more that comes to mind,  and even though I’m not a sailor cat, the new age song “Sail Away” by Enya is a great example of that. It ranks right up there with songs like those from the Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean that seem to resonate into your very core and lift you up in a way that feels like a celebration of this purrecious gift called life. =^,,^=

5 thoughts on “The Lore of Cat Croons

  1. My purrsonal favorite is the Siamese Cat Song in Lady and the Tramp
    Si and Am: We are Siamese if you please.
    We are Siamese if you don’t please.
    Now we lookin’ over our new domicile.
    If we like we stay for maybe quite a while.


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