Cat’s Play


I love to play. Playing is a very impawtant part of life. My favourite toy is my tunnel. My tunnel is part of my agility course but it’s fun to play in anytime, and is portable enough to take to the boat too. Sometimes humans say they can “see the light at the end of the tunnel”, but I think they should get one like mine which has the light right in the middle of it….why wait until the end?


Another one of my favourite toys is my tweety bird. It makes a realistic chirping sound just like a real bird when I throw it up in the air and try to catch it. Sometimes when humans hear a rumour they say “a little bird told me”. Maybe that’s why my mom puts mine under her pillow, when I bring it to her to play with in the middle of the night, so she can hear it tell her something too.

Then there is my ball. I taught my mom to  throw it up in the air so I can either try to catch it or  jump up and hit it with my nose. We have a great time playing ball together. Sometimes humans say things like “life’s a ball” and I quite agree with that. What I don’t agree with is that they compare what I do with things that are easy to do by calling it “cat’s play”. What I do is very tiring and requires a great deal of sleep afterwards. Why then do they not say “let sleeping cats lie” and always give dogs the credit…talk about “barking up the wrong tree”.


Well they can play with words however they like. I just love to play until I’m played out. =^,,^=

4 thoughts on “Cat’s Play

  1. Wow Bailey I love your fluffy tail….it really must need brushing to look so lovely. I have a tunnel similar to yours….ours has a whole in the middle too. A dog friend of mine was scared of it so he gave it to Kali and I. Kali’s kinda scared of it too but that’s only cause I jump out and yell “BOO”. hahaha



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