Sea of Blue


On the way home I was feeling a little blue that our sea-cruise was over. I loved the extra attention bestowed upon me by the humans, not to mention all the treats I received. I will miss my new furiends Tank, Skipper and Cloe, and my humans when at their jobs away from home and me, who were once just a tail-swish away.  The freedom of boating has allowed me to become a lot more accustomed to being outdoors, and it’ll be a pain to go back to window sitting….(MOL, silly cat humour!) 

Don’t feel too sad fur me because with great relief I was told we will be boating again at the end of the month to Snug Cove on Bowen Island for the long weekend with the PMPSS…meowee my next favourite marina and it’s only a few hours away! In the meantime, I told my humans they couldn’t use my laptop again until they cleaned the boat which, after 2 weeks of carefree living, is a mess and there is hair & toys everywhere. Has anyone seen my ball?


No Purrsea”, I purred to myself,  “you really shouldn’t be feeling sorry for yourself at all. You have to catch up on what your new blog furiends have been up to, and have a gazillion photos to sort through. What’s the point of taking all those pictures if not to share them with furiends fur fun.” Yes, I found a few photo contests and challenges that purrhaps I could pawticipate in too.  Then there are new cat tricks to learn which were put on hold because mom forgot to bring my clicker, and my geocaching log & google map needs updating. Actually I have lots to think about and dream up for the future. Pitter patter, I’d better get at’er! =^,,^=

One thought on “Sea of Blue

  1. You had such an awesome time Purrsea. Just think you will be out again at the end of the month. How could I ever feel sorry for you when you are doing things and going places the rest of us will never see. You lucky dude! It’s always good to stay home and rest up for your next adventure.

    Sloppy licks,


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