Raft-up in Rebecca Spit


I  love boating and fishing so much that when we passed through one of the best fishing waters, called Wilby Shoals at the south end of Quadra Island, it was too hard to pass up and I told my humans to make a short trip longer. Dad put out the downriggers and after a few hours we managed to hook a couple more small pinks. Just my size too. Later I helped dad vacuum seal all our catch for sharing and getting us through until next year.

We met up with 9 of the fleet at Rebecca Spit for a lobster feast on the beach. I stayed on the boat because by the time we rafted up and got our potluck ready, it would start getting dark soon. I was okay with that.  The next morning was a bit stressful as we realized the low tide was about equal to our draft and dad wasn’t happy about that, so we had to re-adjust and then we could go about the day. Mom went to shore with her friends Rod, Sharee & Tank while I napped on the boat, and she found me a couple more geocaches.


Rebecca Spit is a very interesting place. It was named in 1864 after a British schooner. A spit is a type of sandbar or beach, developed by a process called longshore dift. Archealogists have been able to determine that there was a major battle fought between the aboriginal peoples who lived in these lands for thousands of years. The only visible evidence that remains today of the battle between the Coast Salish and Kwagiulth tribes are the various trenches that served as fortifications. In 1959, the provincial goverment took it over and turned it into a Provincial Park.


The days just keep getting better and better. Our next destination is east into Desolation Sound to little place called Tenedos Bay where we will be anchoring out for a couple of nights with about 7 of the squadron fleet. =^,,^=

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