BC Day in Comox

comoxbound IMG_3889

The travel over to Comox was about 56 nautical miles, (or 100km). At first I thought “Oh no”, but after awhile the water smoothed out and it wasn’t so bad. The day was clear & sunny, not to mention hot. It took us about 6 hours. Last year I had a little niche in the prawn traps on the upper deck where I liked to hang out. This year they tried to re-create it and my mom made it a little tent like for me… Sweet!


Yesterday was BC Day, a provincial statutory holiday and there were festivals in every port. We found this little beach just outside the marina which the locals named “Comexico”. It was purrfect for a day like today and a bunch of us took it over for the afternoon. My humans reasoned  that it was too hot to leave me in the boat, so I got to go…meowee! Once on the beach though, I thought dad needed a little help to secure the dinghy which was about 15 ft away from shore so I carefully evaluated my options and decided to try to walk on water again in a sort of hop skip and jump combination to get there. I didn’t realize the dinghy would move and I missed my mark slightly but thankfully dad was right there to assist me out of the water. All the humans had a good laugh at my newest cute cat trick, but my furiend Skipper came over to make sure I was ok as I spent the rest of the afternoon in my travel carrier drying off.

comexico beach


Last night the humans  attended a Johnny Cash tribute concert in the park beside the marina, and if that wasn’t enough, there were fireworks to top it all off; so spectacular, but a little scary for me. Today we are heading off to April Point on Quadra Island which about 66 kilometers, so it will be about a 4 hour cruise. =^,,^=

4 thoughts on “BC Day in Comox

  1. Oh man what a day! At least you weren’t sick to your tummy….bonus. As for your walk on water….was there nip around and you were overcome? Your pawents had a great time with the Johnny Cash Tribute. You lucky devil….tomorrow will be a piece of tuna as it will not take long to get to Quadra Island.

    Kisses Shoko

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