Purrsea’s Northern Lights Cruise


Meowee, I can’t believe the day finally arrived and we left the marina to start our 2 week fun-filled yet untold adventures sea-cruise with the Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron (PMPSS). I understand we are part of about a 10 vessel fleet that we will be joining up with at the various bays and marinas our cruise master has preplanned for us to visit.



Our first port of stop is Nanaimo which is located 42.6 (or 80km) nautical miles due west across the Strait of Georgia on Vancouver Island.It took us about 5 hours to make the trek at 9 knots. The beautiful coastal harbour was first occupied by the Coast Salish people whose name was Snuneymuxw (Snuh-NAY-moo) and Nanaimo is an anglicized name for Snuneymuxw. The true meaning  of the word is lost but many Elders believe that it means “A great people”.


I have to admit, I didn’t fair so well on the trip over. I heard the humans talking to each other on the VHF radio  to our furiends ahead  of us who reported that there was about a 4-6ft swell. That didn’t sound too swell to me and I was right. Even though the day was sunny and hot, Minstrel bounced around enough for me to loose my sea legs, and my breakfast. I was not a happy cat. My mom wrapped me up in a blanket and took me up to the helm for some fresh air. It helped and I stayed with her there for the rest of the trip. I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad because in 1854 after travelling for 179 days on the Princess Royal, the first immigrants arrived in Nanaimo. It is reported that 23 men and 23 women and a quantity of children left London England on June 2 1854 sailing to Nanaimo via Honolulu. A number of deaths and births are recorded in the ships log during the long journey.

Now we are sitting in a marina just across from an little island called Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park. There are several geocaches over there that I hope to find. The wind has died down and I’m feeling much better. I even hopped over to my dog furiend Tank’s  boat named Chelsea to say hello.  We are here for 2 nights and then head out on Leg 2.


3 thoughts on “Purrsea’s Northern Lights Cruise

  1. What a fabulous adventure you’ve begun! Sorry you lost your lunch so to speak but that can happen on rough seas of course….let’s hope it’s smooth boating from now on! Can’t wait to hear what’s next on your voyage….

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Hey Percy…I think you are one of the bravest kitties I know. It’s hard now but I’ll bet you’ll get your sea legs back after a wee while. I tell you Percy, I’d rather have mom read your exploits to me rather than go with you. hehehe I’m looking forward to the next installment.


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  3. This sounds like a super fun trip, except for the part about hurling. Hope the remainder of the trip remains calm. Have fun at this marina and with your woofie furiend, Tank. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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