GeoCatting Anyone?!


I just became trackable! “What’s that?” you meow my curious furiends. Well for starters, a couple of years ago my mom (Geo-Julee) discovered Geocaching, then last year she took an Electronic Charting course through the Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron … forward to today and guess what, she put a Travel Bug Tag on me! A Travel Bug Tag is a Trackable item that physically moves from geocache to geocache (via other geocachers), picking up stories along the way. Starting this summer, you can track where I’ve been on my new trackable map by all the geocaches I’ve visited that are located along our planned cruise routes … and that’s not all. If you have a account, you can get credit fur virtually “discovering” me,  at anytime.

You can also track where I’m currently anchored on my google map by my GPS coordinates when we’re out on the boat. If you are a boater in the area, you’re welcome to come over fur a visit; I might even purrform a few tricks fur you.

We’ve been very busy setting up this pawsomely fun real world game, and all the details are on my new Geocat Map page. I can hardly wait to start playing and I hope you can play along with me too!

Fun Fact!: The word “geocache” made the Scrabble Dictionary this April 2014. It’s the first new word added to the dictionary in almost a decade!




2 thoughts on “GeoCatting Anyone?!

  1. Wow what a totally pawsome thing to do! We’ve read on lots of dog blogs about geo-caching and always thought cats who can get around should be able to pawticipate – BRAVO! That’s going to be tons of fun.

    Hugs, Sammy

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